June 9, Rungis International Market

Rungis International Market tour today! Had an early morning because we had to be awake and ready by 3:45AM. We had to arrive early because the market opens at 1am and ends at 7am. Fun fact they have a turnover of 8 billion per year. There we observed the flurry of activity from distributors and purchasers. We observed the quality and presentation of the products available to restaurants and markets and also the regulations they have to follow. Fruits, vegetables, dairy and poultry are among some of the products available. After finishing the tour at Rungis we were dropped back off at the hotel and were done with classes for the day. We were advised to go to our tour spots and practice. My group decided since we went on Sunday that we didn’t need to visit the site again, but we planned to meet later on to discuss the content of the tour. Since it was around 8 am when we got back and I was tired, I decided to nap. Woke up again around 1 pm and met up with Rehana to discuss our weekend trip to Barcelona. There we booked our bus ticket via megabus and contacted a host via airbnb and confirmed our reservations. Professor Duchamp had mentioned how McDonald’s was considered fine dining in Paris and so Rehana and I decided to go there for dinner where we purchased and ate happy meals. After dinner we met up with Nykkeicha and practiced our tour for a little while, then I went back to my room to rest. There I was surprised with my room mate’s cooking, she made curry chicken over rice and I had a second dinner.

2015-06-09 03.44.21

Room mate Kimberly made me breakfast

2015-06-09 07.15.34

Class picture

2015-06-09 19.20.50

happy meal from Paris

2015-06-09 07.46.37

Top : Cheese, seafood, white strawberries Middle: Fresh lilies, assorted tomatoes Bottom: Map, veal

2015-06-09 23.00.13

Curry chicken over rice with a side of cucumbers made by Chef Kimberly

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