Journal 11

2015-11-26 10.31.49

Flo Rida Concert, how close we were to him

2015-11-28 01.03.30

Ready to work 14 hours with these girls! && of course leader Dan

Thanksgiving at Magic Kingdom was a slow day. but the rest of the week was hectic. Most of the college program interns were scheduled to work between forty five and sixty hours. I was scheduled for front of house on that day but was placed in the kitchen at night when they needed help. Working a fourteen hour shift was tiring but being able to interact with guests when they are with their family and feeling as if I am helping them by either providing them with their food or helping them plan their days’ adventure was worth it. Disney also offered a discounted meal of turkey and two sides for only 99cents on Thanksgiving as a way to thank us for creating magic.

Having the opportunity to work at Disney also gave us privileges offered to Florida residents also, such as the annual pass for Universal Studios.  I went to the Flo Rida concert at Universal Studios with a coworker and we were amazed at how close we were able to interact with him for a free concert. While we spent the day together I found out she used to be a manager at Taco Bell back at Akron, Ohio. I was surprised because she is only 19 and she has accomplished so much. I am ecstatic that I was cross-trained because I was able to interact with the front of house cast members also and learn more about them.