June 23, First sign of the end

The last day of waking up early and traveling to Brunoy! Feeling happy about not waking up as early and walking so much but also sad that this was the first sign of the end. Today was a special day, we had special guests from France and also we would get our certificat de formation as proof saying we cooked in France! The day started like the others, waking up early and getting to school and changed before 9AM. Today I was placed in culinary and we had to make salmon and pate de tete with seasonal vegetables for an appetizer, followed by our main course, chicken fricassee with wild rice pilaf and mushroom velouté. I decided to do the entree with several others and we made the rice pilaf and mushroom veloute,but the first thing we had to make was the chicken stock by cutting the chicken and making chicken kiev. Chicken Kiev is basically taking the quarter chicken leg and wrap it around the bone. The pastry team made macaroons in many different flavors such as chocolate, lemon, coconut, salmon and foie gras. We each received our certificat de fe formation and had our picture taken with Chef Sandrine Charier and Chef Nicolas Lalin. I was surprised to see the macaroons served after receiving our certificat because it was the first time seeing it served as an appetizer, we were also given glasses of wine to celebrate.  After taking several pictures we decided to eat and then we had to clean up. While we were leaving we had a sad feeling because we knew it was the last day and we wouldn’t be back. After arriving back at the aparthotel Yayun, Eliana and I decided to visit Paris’s Chinatown. We decided to go to Chinatown Olympiades, we arrived there around 8 but it appeared most of the stores were closed and only the restaurants were opened. We found a shabu shabu or hotpot place to try. Shabu shabu is an Asian meal in which you dip various meats and vegetables into a soup to cook and then eat it. This place was different from other restaurants I have tried in New York because you have to get the items yourself, in New York, you can order the items and it would be brought to you. The soup base wasn’t as flavorful and the choices weren’t as much but maybe its because I got spoiled by New York. After we finished dinner we decided to head back and rest for the next day.

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