June 19, Saint Pierre Institut Day 2

Another day of class, this time we went in separate groups but all ended up at the same location, Saint Pierre Institut where most of us arrived by 8:15. Since I did pastry yesterday my group got switched to culinary. Chef Nicolas Today our production was tasty toast with red mullet pates and egg salad for appetizer and fillet of duck with pear cooked in wine and croquette potatoes. We separated into two different groups and I went to the appetizer group where we had to start on the salad. After gathering and preparing the ingredients we started boiling the eggs and washing the vegetables. For the red mullet pates we were given fresh fish over ice and we had to fillet the fish. The robot coupe was used to blend the fish to make pate. After completing the salad our group cleaned up and went to the entree side to help out. The duck breasts were seared brown on low heat so it doesn’t burn. We had to pat down the breast to make sure there was no water because it would splash, we grabbed a few more pans and started searing. After they were done searing they were placed onto a sheet pan and placed into the oven. Several of us decided to start setting up the tables while others helped pipe the duchess potatoes. The pastry production made by the other group was napoleon, raspberry and passionfruit mille feuille.  Today we finished everything an hour earlier then yesterday maybe because yesterday was the first day and everyone was unsure where everything was. The food was rich with flavor and I enjoyed my meal. After finishing the meal we cleaned up and were dismissed from class. Several of us headed back to the aparthotel because we were tired from walking and felt drained.

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