June 25 La Grande Arche de la Défense

Last day of tours and almost time for us to leave, sad thoughts ensue. Today we met at La Grande Arche de la Defense where Professor Hoffman explained to us how it was located in the business district and also explained several other details. We then went to Louvre Rivoli Station and got off to explore the streets, where we passed by many kitchen supply stores and markets. Two stores which we went into were Dehillerin and Mora which are stores popular for the quality of their bake ware and culinary supplies. Rhey were having sales as part of the seasonal sale in Paris, what interests me about Paris is that they only have sales in a specific time and after that time everything is normally priced. Our last stop was Librairie Gourmande, which is a bookstore that only sold books in French, they had many different cookbooks but too bad I couldn’t understand it. After several group photos the class got dismissed for the last time and we all split up into groups and explored to each our own. Yayun, Marilyn, Eliana and I decided to eat lunch at Le Dood which was famous for their burgers but we didn’t find that out until after we ordered. The food came out tasting amazing in general and feeling satisfied we made our way to the mall of Les Halles. Les Halles is an underground shopping mall which had many modern stores like forever 21, h&m and six. After shopping a little we decided to head back and rest to start our last day together early.

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