Journal 8

2015-10-01 18.10.06

Finally got my sushi fix

Training for Peco’s Bill’s sister location Tortuga Tavern, named after a town from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. I was amazed at how Walt Disney World adapts by renovating rides and renaming restaurants. Tortuga Tavern was originally “El Pirata y El Perico”, or the pirate and the parrot but because of Pirates of the Carribean’s popularity Disney decided to change the name of the restaurant and also added a pirates training featuring Jack Sparrow. During training we learned how to prepare and assemble food items in a conventional oven and steamer. I realized most of the foods are prepared by simply heating up and portioning the items. We were told the training was similar to the new menu we were getting.

Exploring the neighborhood is usually one of the first things on a list when you move somewhere but after adjusting to work and visiting the parks on my day off I didn’t have a chance to explore until over a month later. Living in Disney there is a lot of different types of food, mostly found on Disney property but for food outside, its a bit harder to travel to. After a Publix trip one day I spotted and tried out a Japanese restaurant called Tokyo Sushi. The chirashi was very good and the restaurant also offered a Disney cast member discount which saved me money on the tax.