June 21, Brussels to Paris

Last few hours in Brussels with so many things to do, so many things left to try. We woke up early because we decided we were not leaving Brussels without trying their mussels and waffles! First stop was the Musical Instrument Museum which had hundreds of different instruments from all around the world. We ventured out back to the town hall and went to look for Le Raphael which we passed by yesterday and ordered the mussels, one with white wine sauce and the second with cream sauce. It tasted great, but it was a little pricey. We split up while Rehana, Eliana and Yayun went to look for waffles while Marilyn and I decided to look for a pub which Vital recommended called Delirium Cafe, Belgium is popular for its beer also. We found it on a side street where a lot of restaurants were located and the food was really cheap. The bar featured 3000 different types of beer and we ordered two random ones from the menu. Finished it and then went to meet up with the others at the waffle place. There I tried the Belgium waffle with chocolate syrup, strawberries and whipped cream, it tasted wonderful and I was sad that we were leaving because there was so much left to explore. Went to the bus feeling stuffed and fell into a peaceful sleep all the way home back to Paris.

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