June 6th, Arrival

2015-06-06 04.12.24


Delay, delay, delay. Seems like the first day upon arrival to Paris is all delays. First my flight from American Airlines was delayed almost two hours, then the bus was delayed for a few hours. Besides the delays everything went smoothly. Boarded my flight around 10:30 PM and was provided two meals on the flight, chicken and rice for dinner and yogurt with a muffin for breakfast. Arrived at Charles De Gualle airport (CDG) around 1 PM with my room mate, Kimberly, we were on the same flight and were greeted at arrivals with enthusiasm by Professor Hoffman and Professor Lorenzini. I finally got my first stamp on my passport! It’s not my first time traveling on a plane and I am unsure why I didn’t get one on my trip to Hong Kong last year but super excited when I received it. Upon arrival me and several classmates searched around for a photo booth to take a picture for the navigo card, similar to a metro card. Horrible luck today, after two failed attempts at the picture the machine broke and took my money. Four hours after my arrival in Paris we arrived at the Aparthotel Adagio access Malakoff – Plateau de Vanves. First order of business was a tour of the neighborhood given by Professor Lorenzini and Professor Hoffman and we were also given our navigo. We were then taken to the supermarket where I did a little shopping and then went home to cook dinner. Dinner tonight is steak and mushrooms with a side of red wine; the wine is under 3 euro here! Another thing that amazes me is that the sun sets around 10:45 PM. Love the view from my window, room 316.

2015-06-05 23.31.10


2015-06-06 01.07.35

The luggage

2015-06-06 02.14.36

Delay Delay Delay

2015-06-06 06.56.15

Chicken and Rice

2015-06-06 06.56.35

CDG – Paris, France

2015-06-06 11.33.52

Hello France!

2015-06-06 12.33.15

First stamp!

2015-06-06 16.17.13

Me and my roomate, Kimberly

2015-06-06 22.06.44

First dinner in Paris


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