June 16, Pavilion le notre, Place de Concord, Musee d’ Orsay

Nerve wrecking day today, today is my tour day with Rehana and Nykkeicha and we presented Place de Concord but before that we went to Pavilion le Notre located right on Avenue des Champs Elysees. There we learned that not only is it a restaurant they also offer culinary and pastry classes to anyone that is interested, only downside is that only French is spoken because the chefs are not fluent in English. After the tour we took a short walk to Place de Concord and started our tour. I believe we did well and covered most if not all the information we had prepared. After the tour I felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and we made our way to the next student tour at Musee d’ Orsay. There we learned it used to be a train station and was left vacant for many years until it was finally converted into a museum. After the tour ended we were dismissed for the day and several of the students decided to have another get together at the aparthotels later on in the day.

2015-06-16 20.58.12

Food at the get together, all made by students

2015-06-16 21.07.55

My Plate, I got a little of everything

2015-06-16 21.31.27

Drinks at the get together, when in Paris, drink wine 😀

2015-06-16 23.59.18

Class picture outside Pavilion le Norte


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