Journal 5

2015-09-18 23.49.48

Character meet with Jasmine and Genie; I was dressed up as Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph

2015-09-18 22.05.42

First time seeing Hallowishes at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween

2015-09-19 00.19.42

“Hocus Pocus Villian Spelltacular” hosted by the Sanderson sisters

2015-09-19 00.25.28

Upon leaving the park, the castle was lit up in purple

2015-09-19 23.08.08

Group picture with Princess Aurora

2015-09-19 23.06.57

The dog pose with Pluto at Epcot

2015-09-19 23.06.41

Group picture with the ball

2015-09-19 23.07.07

Group pose with Mulan in China

2015-09-19 23.07.53

Group picture with Belle

2015-09-19 23.07.50

Group Picture with Jasmine and Aladdin

2015-09-19 23.08.16

Group picture with Alice

Part time and full timers may be your best friend or your worst enemy. While working at Pecos Bill I have encountered many different types of people but the one thing that was consistent was the complaint about hours. People would complain that their schedule is too long, too short, too early or too late. The shortest shift you can be schedule is six hours in which you receive a fifteen minute break. Some people were scheduled only closing shifts and arrived to work everyday at around five or six PM, while others arrived at eight or eleven AM to prepare the restaurant for opening. I was also able to converse with other cast members about their family and I am slowly learning their names which helps build a connection and a closer bond.

This week was my first time going to Mickey’s not so scary Halloween Party even though it was only the third week of September. I had decided to attend the party because we receive a discount on the tickets. I attended this party alone because my room mates were scheduled to work and I was unable to find anyone that had free time to go with me. While attending the party I was amazed at how many people that were there and dressed up. It was memorable because it was my first time seeing Hallowishes, which was the firework display. It was also my first time seeing the “Hocus Pocus Villian Spelltacular” which were hosted by the Sanderson sisters, it was an amazing show because I was able to see many of the Disney villains in the performance. I am delighted to be working for Disney and able to experience this party even though I was alone. I was able to advise guests that were attending the party in the later dates some more insight because I have already experienced it.

I also went to Animal Kingdom and Epcot with Sandy and her coworkers and we went character hunting while making our way around the world. I was able to advise guests to visit Epcot if they wanted to meet and take a picture with specific characters.

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