June 15, Barcelona to Paris

Boring day today, upon arrival to the airbnb in Barcelona at around 12 AM we informed our hosts that we were leaving in the early morning and they told us they left a letter and breakfast in the kitchen waiting for us for the morning. I decided not to sleep because we had to a reservation for megabus at 6 AM. I spent the night browsing the internet and read several stories while waiting for the time to pass. When it was 5 AM I woke up Rehana and we got ready and made our way to the terminal. Slept the entire way home, only waking up at the last pit stop because my body needed food and water. Arrived back in Paris around 9 PM and it took us around an hour to get back to Malakoff – Plateau de Vanves.

2015-06-15 05.53.34

Rehana in front of Barcelona Nord bus terminal

2015-06-15 06.36.13

Sunrise on the bus leaving Barcelona

2015-06-15 00.40.39

Letter left by our airbnb hosts


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