Journal 3

2015-09-05 17.16.15

Met up with Victoria and went to Hollywood Studios together

2015-09-05 20.56.04

First time seeing Fantasmic!

2015-09-08 16.59.06 HDR

Epcot by myself and I met Duffy!

2015-09-08 19.27.39-1

Found this princess when I was wandering around Epcot

2015-12-14 12.17.02 2015-12-14 12.17.38

Learning in Disney is easy, everything is explained to you during training and if you had any questions they would be answered. Following what you learned is different. While in training we were taught hold times, which is the time when the food can still be served to a guest, and spoilage, when you throw out the food into waste buckets to be counted at the end of the night. While actually working on the line we were informed by other cast members, including coordinators that we were not supposed to spoil the food unless it looked like something you wouldn’t serve a guest. Only when a leader was around was when spoilage happens and only if the burger was dry.  I learned that even at Disney, quality is affected by profit. This caused me a great deal of stress and I have decided to open a restaurant or become a chef in which I would not be compromising the quality for price.

update * I have followed with the spoilage when I am on the line as anchor (the person in charge of spoilage) or when I am on broiler ( I am able to send fresh products so they can spoil the food on the line). I followed along with all the other cast members because even my trainers and coordinators followed it. I have tried to spoil items (when I am not anchor or broiler) when the hold time was up but other cast members would say the food is fine and would take the food out of my hands. I have asked leaders if I should spoil food that is past the hold times and they examined it and said its fine. I believe this discrepancy was because Disney chefs did not consider how much food they would be spoiling if the hold times are only 3 minutes and it is down time. Please note the hold times were only three or four minutes for multiple items and the products would still look fresh.

After two days off exploring Hollywood Studios with Victoria and exploring Epcot it was back to work. There have been new cp’s or college programmers getting trained every week and because the CDS was a computer program I was able to experience many different positions because it would be depend on the time and available positions, but because it was randomized, I was unable to chose the position I wanted to go to.