Restaurant Review – Le Lauriere

Paris is known for its romantic settings and landmarks. Did I mention the food? While in Paris I have visited many different restaurants and the one that is imprinted onto my mind and has me wanting to go back would be Le Lauriere, it is named for a small village located in the center of France. From the aparthotel it is easy to get here by taking the 13 to Pernety and it is located at 2 Rue Pernety, 75014 Paris, in the 14 eme or arrondissement. The phone number is 33-1-45-42-79-35 and they are opened for business from Monday to Saturday at 10AM-11PM, and closed sundays. I dined at this restaurant with professor Hoffman, Tamar and my roommate Kimberly on June 12. after the tour visit of Movenpick. This restaurant is located near the aparthotel where we were all staying at, Malakoff – plateau de Vanves and is only a short walk from the metro.

Once entering the restaurant you are greeted by a host and led to a table where the server will ask you what you would like to drink. We ordered cups of white and red house wine along with hoegaarden the German beer. The walls are decorated with books and paintings with also daily special menus in chalkboard near the entrance and side. The restaurant seemed like an intimate and cozy setting with several groups of two to four people sitting at each table quietly conversing with soothing music in the background. It seemed like a  relaxing and not too loud place, there was both outdoor and indoor seating which is a nice thing to offer for the days when it is nicer to sit outside. The restaurant seemed more like a spot for locals and not tourists because the menu was in French, thankfully the waiter knew English and helped us translate.

We came here because it was on professor Hoffman’s guide to Paris and I also heard the burger was one of the best, its the hamburger du Laurier on the menu, but when I browsed the menu I wanted to try the declinaison de tartare de boeuf, or steak tartare. It had goat cheese, foie gras, jambon,on the steak tartare and I ordered it with a salad and it also came with a side of fries. Tamar ordered the foie gras burger, Kimberly ordered the lamb and professor Hoffman ordered the steak. We were also given a complimentary order of charcuterie or cured meats, in this case it was sausage.  The dishes all came in a timely matter and they were all large portions.

My dish was  declinaison de tartare de boeuf(avec chevre chaud magre and fume et foie gras champignon et jambon braise) salad et pommes sautees on the menu. The meal was rich in flavors but I’m not a fan of the goat cheese, the texture was similar to cream cheese, thick and dense but the taste was entirely different. The foie gras was soft and melt in your mouth, a creamy but mild flavor. The jambon was crispy and complimented the tartare because the flavors didn’t overwhelm each other . None of us were able to completely finish our meals, thus we did not order dessert.

The service was friendly and attentive, asked several times if we needed anything extra. There was also no rush for the check and we spent some extra time sitting there and finishing our drinks. The house wine was 4.5 euro, beer was 3.9 euro. All of our entrees were the same price of 19.50 euro making the total to twenty five euro or less a person. I am going to miss Paris’s policy of no tax or tip unless desired because in New York it is an eight percent tax and about twenty percent tip per order. The price of the meal was reasonable and if it was dining in New York it would have been more expensive and it would be hard to find a nice French restaurant where the portions are decent sized, but for some unknown reason the French food in New York area are in much smaller portions.

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