Journal 9

2015-12-22 12.02.11

New menu at Pecos Bill

2015-11-11 20.03.28

Kitty White, or Hello Kitty as seen in the Bijutsu-kan gallery

New menu at Peco’s Bill Cafe and Inn! The transition from burgers and fries to burritos and churros was speculated for a week and its finally time to switch over. Everyone is super excited but also nervous because most of us did not receive training for it. I thankfully had the first two days off because I had to attend classes but when I arrived for work on Friday I was amazed at how much had changed, but also stayed the same. My coworkers were helpful in getting me up to speed on the portion sizes and also how to prepare certain items such as the churros. While learning the new menu I realized the training at Tortuga Tavern was helpful because they had similar menu items and they were prepared the same way.

While wandering around Epcot after class one day I stumbled upon a little gallery in Japan called the Bijutsu-kan gallery which showcased “Kawaii: Japan’s Cute Culture.” Being a fan of Japan’s anime and cartoons I was highly interested and amazed how kawaii or cute is incorporated into everyday life in Japan, they displayed the interior of a house decorated with these items. Some of the characters displayed were Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Tokidoki, among many others.