June 24, Tour d’ Argent, Pompidou, Citrus Etoile

So excited for tonight’s dinner, Professor Lorenzini is taking several of us to Citrus Etoile, but before that is a restaurant tour at La Tour d’ Argent. La Tour d’ Argent is a historic restaurant in Paris where many famous people have visited because of the quality of their food. This restaurant also has an amazing view of Notre Dame and the Siene from its second floor. The waiting room is an amazingly large space where it is decorated with several chairs that looked like they could have came from the palace of Versailles. I was amazed at the size of the wine list and also their wine collection which was located under the restaurant in the cellar. After the tour we went to “Marche Des Enfants Rouge” for lunch where I had some amazing tasting shrimp and calamari salad and also truffle pasta. We then had a historic tour of Pompidou where we found out it housed a museum, library and restaurant all in one and it also has many performers and artists displaying their work. After Pompidou we were dismissed and several of us decided to continue eating by getting ice cream from Amorino. I am going to miss Paris’s ice cream., its delicious and they scoop it out into the shape of a flower. Headed home a little afterwards to get ready for dinner, since it was a fancy restaurant we had to look nice to fit in. For dinner we met at the Arc d’ Triumph and walked a few blocks to Citrus Etoile. Professor Lorenzini, Marilyn, Tamar, Rehana and I talked about school and other various topics. We ordered from a set menu and I ordered the sea clam tartare as an appetizer and red mullet with rice risotto as an entree. Everyone ordered the souffle as the dessert. Everything was delicious and we had glasses of champagne, white wine and red burgundy wine to compliment the food. After dinner we decided to visit the lounge at the Marriott hotel at Champ Elysee to continue talking. After a bit we split up and went to shop a little at H&M and then decided to call it a night because we still had one more day of tours left.

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