Journal 4

2015-09-11 16.36.16

First time going to cast connections, bought a hamm pillow pet

2015-09-12 00.49.20

Room mate cooked me dinner!

2015-09-14 10.32.27

Burn from a soup I bought from the west side grab and go

2015-09-17 01.50.33-1

Last rewind Wednesday at house of blues with Victoria

2015-09-17 22.44.08

Language pin arrived

2015-09-18 10.44.17

First time at Typhoon Lagoon

2015-09-18 14.45.12

Temporary tattoo with the roommate

Disney employs over 74,000 cast members and the Disney college program of 8,000 students equals to over ten percent of the members. During this period at Disney I overheard that we are not allowed to extend for over a year because it will give us seniority. I also found out that for the language pin it is not necessary to take a test if you go to the service center and tell them that it is your native language.

Burning my finger because I purchased steaming hot soup, which I spilled a drop of, on my break from the west side grab and go was a horrible day. The burn lasted for hours and my work location was out of burn cream. Some of the leaders and coordinators suggested mustard, and tomatoes but they did not really help. After standing in the office for an while I was given the choice to be sent home or to continue working and that is when I learned Disney cares if you get injured, but only during the job and not on break. It turns out I had a second degree burn because it blistered up the following day and I had to wear a bandage which popped the blister, when working.

This week was also my first time at Typhoon Lagoon and it was fun. Several of the rides were closed because of construction but me and my roommate were able to experience the others. It was also my first time going to cast connections and I discovered they had Disney merchandise at discounted pricing. They also had a room in the back called Mickey’s Treasures which is where the items with defects or damages are sold with a huge discount to cast members.

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