June 12, Movenpick / Le Laurier

Today started with a hotel visit to Movenpick , there we learned that it has a Switzerland heritage and that it is ideal for business travelers who want to be near La Défense and the Palais des Congrès Porte Maillot. After the tour several of us decided to go walk the Tulleries Garden and enjoyed the view. The day ended with dinner at La Laurier ( 2 rue Pernety, 75014 Paris) where I had the best steak tartare, there was goat cheese, foie gras and jambon. Would recommend anyone that likes steak tartare to come and try this place.


2015-06-12 17.10.14

Entrance to Tulleries Garden

2015-06-12 19.08.31

Group B outside Movenpick

2015-06-12 19.09.35

Class picture outside Movenpick Hotel

2015-06-12 19.51.22

Menu at La Laurier

2015-06-12 20.06.31

Steak Tartare with goat cheese, foie gras and jambon

2015-06-12 22.20.20

Sunset from room 316


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