June 18, Saint Pierre Institut Day 1

First day of classes! Met up with the class at 6:45 AM and we were on our way, slowly transferring from metro to RER. After getting off the Brunoy stop on the RER we were given the choice to either walk or wait for the bus. Since the bus was only two minutes away we decided to all wait. Finally arrived at Saint Pierre Institut at around 8:30 where we changed into our chef uniforms and got ready for class. After separating into two groups one went to culinary and I got placed into pastry. Today’s pastry production were chocolate speculos choux, choux honore, crusty vanilla choux, Paris brest, and eclairs. Chef Sandrine was in charge of pastry and she explained the history behind each dessert and which ingredients were used. We were then split into different groups, I was paired with Jonathan and we were assigned to make the Paris brest. While making the brest we had leftover egg whites and Chef Sandrine informed us to place it into the fridge to age, for macaroons next week. That was the first time I had heard about egg whites being aged, and she said it is ideal to age it for two weeks before using it to bake.

Today’s culinary production was shrimp and salmon on salad for the appetizer and the entree was veal stuffed with chicken. Everything seemed a bit bland but maybe because I was tired, I didn’t have much of an appetite. After we finished eating our production we cleaned up and were dismissed. After class all of us decided to to head back because we still had a twenty minute walk back to the RER before we got home. By the time we arrived back at the aparthotel it was almost 5, it took us about two hours to get back. That night my room mate Kimberly made fried chicken with her own special blend and we had it for dinner. Its great to have a personal chef as a room mate!


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