June 22, Saint Pierre Institut Day 3

Back on the school grind at Saint Pierre Institut, waking up at 6AM. Arrived there a little more energetic then the other days because of how much sleep I had yesterday. Today was back to pastry and today’s production was pink praline brioche, tropezienne, pain perdu and swiss brioche. Yayun, Nasaiyah and I decided to make the pain perdu and one of the side recipes was to make caramel. Under the guidance of Chef Sandrine we learned it was simply sugar, browned with cream added later on. Several peoples bread didn’t rise and I believe it was because in the recipe it said to heat the yeast in hot milk, but yeast dies at 140 degrees. After conversing with Chef Sandrine she confirmed that it was mistranslated. The culinary team’s production was scallops skewers wrapped in filo dough on top of a fresh salad dressed with balsamic honey vinaigrette for appetizer  and for the main course there was lamb with potatoes “Pommes Paille” served with a deglazed sauce and thicken with roux. The food was delicious and I was satisfied with the meal almost to the point where I didn’t want to move, but we had to clean up and get home. Today we planned to meet up at the pool around where Kimberly would play her saxophone and Holly would sing. When the time came some of us went into the pool to swim and relax, while the rest dipped their legs and joined in the singing. The pool ended and everyone split ways to eat dinner. Its a peaceful last few nights in Paris.

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