Journal 6

2015-09-24 18.25.44

Special Food and Wine sign located at the entrance of Epcot

2015-09-24 18.27.13

Group picture before going into Epcot for the food and wine festival

2015-09-23 20.57.01

Homemade Spaghetti Carbonara with turkey bacon

Being a cast member of Disney comes with perks, one of which was a Cast member preview of Food and Wine festival in Epcot. Being from New York and having never been to Disney I had no prior experience and was excited to attend. After the human resource management class Victoria and I decided to go and attend together. At the food and wine festival we were surprised at how many extra countries they had. Each extra stand had multiple drink and food choices. I was amazed at the quantity of the food offered and how they were able to organize everything perfectly. I am thankful I joined this program after the age of 21 because that is the legal drinking age in the United States and as a result of this I was able to try both the food and drinks. We were given passports in which we could see the countries and the food they offered. Each country had a special menu I learned that France had an escargot croissant which was several pieces of escargot or snail with a butter garlic sauce encased inside the croissant.

First time making Spaghetti Carbonara, used turkey bacon instead of regular bacon because it is half the price and also healthier. I learned that eating healthy is harder then I believed because fresh food only lasts a few days and it is hard and expensive to go to the supermarket daily. While living on Disney property at Vista way I realized how convenient everything was located in New York. I realized how privileged I was to have public transportation such as the train and bus to travel.


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