June 13, Versailles

Tiring but eventful day, today a group of us decided to go visit the Castle of Versailles. The trip was long with a lot of walking, thank god for comfortable shoes. One of the most memorable parts of the trip, would be the visit to Versailles. Came here with several others but most of us ended up splitting into smaller groups, I stayed with Rehana. We arrived early to beat the lines and also see the first water show at 10:30 in the gardens. First stop in Versailles was the castle or Palace of Versailles, where we saw the rooms that were previously occupied by Marie Antoinette and other royalty. We were amazed at the hallways of lights and the paintings on the walls and ceilings. After the castle was the gardens, we reached the gardens just in time to see the water show which lasted about 10-15minutes. Afterwards we walked around admiring the statues and ponds located all around. Ended up a little lost towards the end of the gardens and bumped into Eliana and Yayun where we attempted jumping picture shots. Decided to rest a bit at the stairs where we saw Adriana, Maggie and Nasayia. Upon discussion we realized we were all hungry and getting a bit tired. Adriana and Maggie separated from us and decided to head back to the aparthotel, while the rest of us continued on to explore Marie Antoinette’s estate. At the estate we explored her personal gardens where the temple of love was located and also saw her hamlet. There was also a white swan drifting through the pond at the hamlet. Extremely exhausted we decided it was time to go back to the aparthotel. Rehana and I did some last minute packing then it was time to make our way to Porte de Maillot to take the bus to Barcelona. Aboard the bus, we both decided it was time to sleep after the exhausting day we both endured. The 14 hour bus ride was perfect for relaxation.

2015-06-13 09.50.54

Hallway of lights

2015-06-13 11.07.28

Water show at one of the main fountains

2015-06-13 14.32.36

Temple of Love

2015-06-13 14.40.43

Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet

2015-06-13 09.45.07

Decoration on the ceiling inside the Palace of Versailles

2015-06-13 09.13.01

Entrance to Versailles

2015-06-13 09.16.12

Ticket for Versailles

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