Journal 10

2015-11-16 09.38.44

New front of house costume

2015-10-22 22.12.43

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights entrance, 25th year!

After months of hearing about cross training, I was scheduled on the job training and after inquiring with my leader, he confirmed it was front of house training! I was super excited because it allowed me to wear the new costume and interact with guests. Working in the kitchen is fun but because I am always inside I do not feel as if I am working at Disney. I feel as if training for front of house was easier then back because most of the positions were basically whatever the name was. An example of this would be topping bar one, which is maintaining and refilling side 1-4 of the bar. While in Disney an interesting fact is that your uniform is referred to as a costume!

Halloween horror nights at Universal Studios was a unique experience with Victoria and her coworkers. I am a person that gets scared very easily but because I wanted to experience it at least once I decided to go. I was amazed at how different Universal and Disney celebrates Halloween. Universal had scare zones and haunted houses that were themed to various movies and shows while Disney had a not so scary Halloween party which appealed to younger children.