Journal 15

2015-12-17 14.55.54

The entrance of Disney World

2015-12-27 23.24.37

Osborne Lights with my roommates

2016-01-02 00.09.50-1

Last day closing with my Pecos family

2016-01-04 00.10.16

2016-01-02 20.23.50Goodbye Pecos.

It is the end. The time to say goodbye is here and it is bittersweet. Realizing that Disney was only temporary and that I have to return to reality is a little hard to grasp but slowly the roommates start leaving and I’m clocking out of work for the last time and there is a mere 24 hours left before you have to get in the car gets tough to not accept. There were a lot of ups and downs on this program but the experiences made here would not be forgotten and I would say in the end it was worth it.

The people you meet and become friends with are the best part about working for Disney. The work may seem endless but with the right people, time will pass by faster and I didn’t realize it while working with them but I will miss all of them when I am back home. I will miss going to work and joking around with my coworkers.

There is a lot of opportunities and chances Disney provides and with the correct mindset and objective of where you are ready to go in life I feel it would be a wonderful place to work. Disney is truthfully a place you can start anywhere and work your way up, they will provide you with chances to advance to a higher position and even pay for your degree. I am hoping to go back to Disney after I finish my degree and work on a culinary or management internship and gain the experience which I believe will be one of a kind.