Journal 14

2015-12-17 17.15.17

Obtained my Ductorate Degree in Human Resource Mangement

After four months of hard work, finally received my Ducktorate degree in human resource management and experiential learning. I was  relieved that I had passed both classes and also sad that I could not have a daily meet with classmates that became my friends over time. The classes were highly educational and I feel as if I have learned and will retain this information for the future.

New restaurant opening at Magic Kingdom called the Skippers Canteen, located in Adventureland. As a cast member of Magic Kingdom we were allowed a special preview in which we were allowed to try the falafel and the punch and also tour the new location. I was interested in the concept they decided to use because it didn’t focus on one area’s food but instead several countries, they incorporated the course of the rivers the jungle cruise ride into the restaurant