June 10, Hotel De Ville/Notre Dame/ 7 Hotel

Tours, tours, tours. First day of tours, not my day for presentation but I feel excited or scared for them. At hotel de ville there was a wealth of information including the fact that it was burned down during the French revolution and rebuilt. Also there were people taht were guillotined in front; this I remember because people were also beheaded at place de concord, my tour spot. After the first tour, Notre Dame was only a few minutes walk away. There we observed the architecture and learned about the history. After the tour we were dismissed from class and several of us stood on the star which represents ‘Point Zero’ , the exact spot from which all distances are measured in Paris. Rehana and I separated from the group and decided to visit one of the love lock bridges where we took some scenic pictures of the area.

The hotel tour at the Seven Hotel was the first boutique hotel I visited. I believeit is a truly fascinating place to visit as both, a guest and a student in the Hospitality Management field. I was amazed at the creativity and thought that must be put into planning each room. After the tour, class was dismissed and several of us decided to visit the Louvre and took pictures around the Arc du Carrousel.

2015-06-10 15.53.33

attempting to grasp the Louvre

2015-06-10 16.18.40

in front of the Arc du Carrousel

2015-06-10 16.31.35

The Louvre

2015-06-10 11.59.15

Love Lock Bridge and Notre Dame in the background

2015-06-10 17.46.29

Sumen, Vital, Irina, Rehana

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