Throughout this course, even up until now, I have learned a variety of things in regards to the principles of graphic design. I have learned about the figure-ground relationship, stable and unstable figures, high-key value range as well as the lowkey-value range and focal points. I was taught how to achieve compositional flows and movement within my projects. I began to realize that colors and shadows can influence a viewer to a specific mood depending on their portrayal of the project. I learned how to use Photoshop for animation mashups and more. What I could have done differently would be time management. I did not emphasize on my time management as much as I should have. I will push myself much harder to meet the deadlines on time rather than late. That is something I will continue to work on as we continue the next projects in this course.

Urban artifacts

sound visualizationĀ 

Value- added PortraitsĀ 

value-added portraits 2

Value- Added Portraits 3