All 3 projects over the course of this semester so far have taught me many things. I learned about figure ground relationships and how they are important in creating a piece to catch the eye of the viewer and give them an idea on what you want to express.  Along with this, when doing project 2, learning about legato and staccato in art helped me to convey smooth and calm or rough and more energetic in my art. Both projects helped me to refine my ideas better and helped me to see how i can better portray my feelings and message in my art. Project 3 helped me to better understand lighting. In making this abstract collage, I had to focus on making my narrow range values narrow enough to be considered so, and to make sure m broad ranged piece was broad enough on the spectrum. This third project helped to give me a better understanding of how to use highlights, low lights, and the rest of the spectrum of gray scale lighting to better express my messages in my art.

Sound Visualizations

Urban Artifacts

Project No. 3

Value Added Portraits: Phase 1

Value Added Portraits: Phase 2