My first picture is of small paper boat hanged to a clothes hanger which is also hanged to the ceiling of the classroom. This is my high key since most of the picture is predominantly light. The placement of the light creates a mood of relaxation since it’s very bright. When the paper boats are facing the opposite direction of the light source you can see shadows where the paper has been folded to create the boat shape. The expresiones quality is calmness it almost seems as if time stopped and the paper figures are not rotating from the movement of air in the room, they just seem stuck in time just like the human-statues in Pompeii.

My second picture is of just a classroom with a desk and the computers. This is my low key picture since it’s predominantly dark. This picture creates a feeling of mystery and anxiousness to the audience since it’s very dark and not much is showing. It creates questions to the viere suck as “what’s on the other side of the room?” It also creates confusion since the audience might not know what to look at.

img_2333 img_2345