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Sound Visualization: Phase 3

Animation Mashup

I think this project was interesting because its the first time I made a video in Photoshop. I had some difficulties throughout this project, very challenging, however, I learned how to use timeline and adding audio in Photoshop. In the end of the video, I put some layers out of place because the music in the background sounds chaotic.

Hours Worked: 2 Hours


  1. Donasia White

    I enjoyed the way you made the different pictures move around, amazing job on that . It looks like they all fit together at the end of the video!

  2. Val Bailon

    I like how the part of the song that you chose goes great with your animation

  3. Gelek Sampehl

    Your mash up remind me of sliding puzzle, also the fast moving of those shapes matches perfectly with this part of the song you chose, which is also very fast paced.

  4. kejaune stone

    it was great how you made the pictures move around in that order , but i think there should be more movement involved.

  5. Haley

    I liked how you managed enough time to make a bunch of the “patterns” move around, but it’s totally all over the place.

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