The Song I used is Disclosures, Omen, featuring Sam Smith. At the beginning of the song there are 5 present sounds that make up the beat. A banging a sound, a sound resembling a tambourine, a sound that reminds me of a rain drop hitting a puddle ever so lightly, a techno-sounding piano key and a series of clapping. The banging sound fades into this tranquil, relaxing sound, with a smooth flow. The techno sound becomes much softer and slightly less periodic. The clapping fades out all together. At the climax of the song, all the previously mentioned sounds that make up the beat begin again but noticeably stronger. This sequence of events repeats 3 times throughout the whole in the same pattern.

As I continue to listen to this song I begin to visualize the flow as something that isn’t consistent. The flow of the song constantly changes and it can be hard to explain exactly what it is you are listening to. ¬†With regards to the art project we did, I see the line going in a motion that is constantly going up and down, hardly every straightening itself out. It reminds of a persons brain hard at work, trying to think about their next move or reminiscing on the past and all these events just happening at one time. It feels somewhat out of order but in the end it all makes sense to you but no one else. I definitely see the song in a different way now that I’ve put a lot of thought into the sounds and the flow of the song. It just portrays this feeling of confusion but at the same time, understanding of the situation. The amount of sounds were acting as a distraction from the truth which very closely relates to the meaning of the song. There is so much that you have to pay attention to and even when you feel like you’ve pinpointed every aspect, something smaller than what you had noticed just suddenly emerges and makes a rather large difference in the end.