Project #5: Ways of Reflecting

Project #5: Ways of Reflecting (10%)

You have successfully completed most of the work of ENG 1101, with just a little more to finish. What story do you want to tell about this accomplishment?

To complete this final formal assignment, write your personal narrative about writing. What have you learned this semester about writing, about yourself as a writer, about yourself as a college student, and about yourself as a design student? What will you do with what you have learned as you continue in your college career, in your professional career, and in life?

Format: opinion piece, personal essay, possibly with media, something that demonstrates or performs what you’ve learned and accomplished

Length:~600 words

Audience: professor, community, new students (in this FYLC, in COMD, at City Tech, in college?), families

Other requirements:

  • use part of it for the FYLC reflection
  • include a glossary reflection: what has it meant for you as a reader, writer, learner, person to work all semester on the glossary project?
  • references to other writing/texts: yours, mine, our readings. something else?

Due dates:

  • draft due 12/12 for the start of class
  • final version due 12/17 for the start of class
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