Project 5 Draft

To me writing is a form of communication that far exceeds what my mouth can verbalize. If I can get a thought out of my brain, it will come out extremely detailed if I type or write it out. I do my best writing when it is “stream of consciousness” because I can really just say what’s on my mind, which for me is a lot. Also, if I have an interesting story, I can tell it better if type or write it out.  However, if it’s something particularly boring to me I struggle to get out, or even find details about the topic.

When I was younger (and even to this day), I was a very quiet person very rarely talking unless it was to my friends. Sometimes, if someone made a joke about me, I would take it personally and automatically accuse them of bullying me. Over the years, I did get more and more talkative and eventually a harder shell for smack talk, but I still had a few communication flaws. For instance, if I got into an argument, I would more often than not lose said argument due to me not being able to formulate a good convincing argument(the other reason being the opponent knew better), so because of that I avoided arguments and confrontation altogether. But little did I know that was also not a good thing because I was holding it in. On top of that, I would get into situations that were emotionally taxing sometimes and take my mind off of it by either playing video games, watching anime, or listening to music(none of which were a permanent solution). Then one day, I had gotten into a disagreement with both of my parents and was extremely angry and irritated as a result of it. I remember for a good hour I could not think about anything else other than the events that had just taken place. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I decided to write it out, and when I did, it was like the anger was leaving my body and I felt so much better and was able to think straight again. So now sometimes I write what goes on in my mind, primarily if something is contributing to a “negative” emotion like anger, irritation, concern, genuine confusion, and/or uncertainty.

As I mentioned before, I can tell a good story by writing it down. When I tell it to you out loud, it usually doesn’t sound as good, unless the story is just funny no matter how you tell it, but when I put it on paper, or type it on a computer screen the details become more clear to me and I can tell it a bit more efficiently.


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