Saturation Ranges


I started this project by doing a color wheel on photoshop that was provided to us. I used RGB and CMYK colors on photoshop to complete the regular color wheel. Then,  working with a partner I planned out a unique Color Wheel using birds with different colors while my classmate Bryan used different types of animals.



This was the second part of the project. We used paint to create a saturated scale using saturated primary colors such as red, blue and yellow. We then created secondary colors by mixing our primary colors. Lastly, we created Desaturated Browns / Chromatic “Grays” and Muted Colors by mixing complementary colors. The second step of this part was to create a monochromatic value scales using Saturated colors, Desaturated Colors, and Muted Colors.


This is the final step of project 4 where I used different values of green and blue to paint a landscape. I was confused and I did not follow the right pattern. The value did not change as it was required to.












This project was very confusing and frustrating. I did not quite understand the concept of using value to create a landscape. Now that I finished the project I wish I did a better job painting the landscape and following directions.

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