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BHS Field Trip Reflection

In today’s class we visited the The BHS on Pierrepont St, In Brooklyn. This trip was a different experience that allowed me to see first hand primary resources, as well as photos to go with them. In the wonder exhibit, I applied the things we have learned such as the rule of thirds or a juxtapositions into the pictures that we have seen. There was one particular image that I found interesting during the walk. This frame consists of a cemetery filled with tomb stones and tall city buildings that can be seen in the distance. I immediately saw an overlap. In my opinion, the cemetery represents death were as the buildings in the distance depict civilization or flourishing life. 20141110_133647

Reading Lucy

You have just read “Reading Lucy” (Brooklyn Was Mine 2008), an essay by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jennifer Egan. As great as it would be to use our time at Brooklyn Historical Society to examine the Kolkin collection that Egan writes about, we can save time and examine some materials online.

A good place to start is the finding aid for the Kolkin collection at BHS. We can also examine two letters available online. We can see a photograph of Lucille Kolkin and three other women she worked with at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, as well as a photo Kolkin took at work. We can also listen to an interview with Lucille Kolkin, since BHS has digitized some of their oral histories.

Please link us to any additional materials you find on Lucille Kolkin or related subjects.

As you consider “Reading Lucy” and these additional materials, consider why they exist, and why they exist where we find them. What do they tell us about the materials? What do that tell us about preservation? How do they help us relate to Kolkin, or to Egan?

BRIC: Reflection

20141008_130026 20141008_124914The trip to the BRIC Art Museum was a fun experience. There was a variety of unique art. On one wall it was filled with what looked like hair or thread from but up close you could see it was really thin strands of wire tangled together. We also got to see real live studios and how dark or small they were plus the green screen. One piece of art was this little room dedicated to a woman with videos/ pictures of her on the walls while there was a fake 3D body of her in the center of the room. It was kind of creepy. I also like this portrait of a lady with dreads and it looks like it was colored with pencil and highlighter.

Field Trip Reflection :BRIC


Last Wednesday I went on a trip with our class. We went to visit the Bric Media House; the museum was not that far away from our school. Even though the journey was more far away than I imagined, but the good thing was that the weather is very good. When I entered the museum. My first impression was the museum very large, and full of art. One of the most attractive art pieces to me was the little wooden box, because I’ve never heard the sound and I never saw it before. When I walked into the small space, I was very scared, because I entered a dark space, and the door was closed, it feels very strange. But when I close my eyes, I listened to the music with my heart; I almost thought I was in an other dimension. There was a forest, many birds were singing in the land of a huge waterfall in the surrounding. And I in the dark cases painted this scene, although can’t draw very well, but that piece of beauty will always in my mind. At the end I really like this place, I hope could go back one day, maybe one day My creation can be out here as well.




Bric Field Trip Reflection


photo 1 (5) photo 2 (5) photo 3 (3)

In this field trip we walked down Brooklyn to visit the Bric Museum. This museum had a lot of media art like Music recording and experiment arts.I personally Believe this was the best field trip. The Art work really struck me on a spiritual or inner self kind of way. I took my time around and read a lot and the two works  that stuck out to me was the pictures above. The reason why I like it so much because it shows the struggling journey that people go through in order to find themselves. It conveys that we go through trial and error just to find something that we already have. The sound box that we all tried interests me on how our body functions Mentally and Physically. When one of our senses go down like our sight, the other raises like our sense of hearing. When this happens we become more involved with this sense, and inside the outhouse it was playing sounds of nature  which really relaxed me. I completely understood the Idea of this experiment. I would love to have more trips/ Experiments like this in the future.

Field trip!!!

Last week Wednesday our class took a field trip to Bric for their biennial celebration. I enjoyed our first field trip and thought I would enjoy this one as well, and I did. The art works we saw were cool and interesting. I thought sitting in the “inside outhouse” was really cool and calming. I also enjoyed the tour we got of all the cool  facilities they had like the broadcasting area and the editing room. I think it’s awesome that we have a place like that so close to school if I ever have some free time between classes I would definitely go there to hang out.



“Inside Outhouse”






Trip to BRIC: Reflection

The field trip to the BRIC Art museum was awesome! There was a lot of different pieces from artists that were from Brooklyn.  Everything was very uniquely made. Like there was this pixelated picture of plants. It helped show how something could be so different when you alter it. At the bottom, was the original picture. Another thing was these chains hanging from the ceiling. It looked like a chandelier. The chains went from small bicycle chains to big rusted chains. There was this other piece made out of clay. It look like a monster you’d see from a video game. It looked really cool. We also got a tour of the television studio which was one of the most interesting parts for me. We saw how they filmed people and how people work, when their editing videos. Lastly we got to see a Professor Spevack special. It was a out house that looked like it came from the back of a Texas saloon. It was so cool. It was dark inside and very relaxing. Calm, natural music was plain. This added more to its calmness. I really liked the stenciled leaves on the door, which could only be seen if you opened the door. Props to Professor Spevack, it was an awesome trip and a amazing piece. :D

The chandelier looking piece

The chandelier looking piece

One head of the monster looking piece

One head of the monster looking piece

The monster looking piece

The monster looking piece

It looked like a mummy but was actually a singer

It looked like a mummy but was actually a singer


BRIC Art Museum Reflection

The field trip to the BRIC Art museum was very interesting and fun! There were a lot of different varieties of art pieces there. Everything was so unique and stood out on its own. One of the interesting things I saw was the chains hanging from the ceiling. It happened to catch my eye a lot. It could probably resemble someone being trapped inside. Another piece that caught my attention was a wall that had many different strings/threads. From afar it looked like it was a bunch of hair on the wall, but it really tricked my eye. As I got closer I realized it was various types of strings and such. The television studio was one of the very interesting parts for me as well because I have an interest in video production so it was great to see the behind the scenes of the production in an actual studio. Then of course there was Professor Spevack’s indoor outhouse. It looked amazing to see how it was built and put together. Also going inside and drawing what I heard in the dark was very interesting. The wall of strings/threadsThe Chains

Experience at the BRIC art museum

While I’m rather late to the party when it comes to recording my experiences about the art museum I still remember things about it rather vividly, unfortunately I wasn’t able to take pictures due to the absence of my camera but I will do my best to describe the occasion. The Bric Art museum is located near the Fulton Mall and at the time was holding an art exhibition. Many of the art pieces were really abstract and could signify various things I wasn’t exactly able to deduce what any of the actually meant but they were pretty neat. My favorite out of the bunch would have to be the metal chains that dangled from the ceiling in my eyes it represented someone who feels held back and feels that they can’t escape even though the exit is right under their noses or it could be the other way around and it’s just someone who doesn’t want to exit those chains. We also were shown the studio at the second floor which was home to an exhibition that was rather creepy and not something you would want to be stuck with alone. Another thing that caught my attention was the lessons the Bric art center offers on broadcasting and even allowing one to make their own shows which is pretty neat and allows for newbies to get a start in television. We also came across Professor Spevack’s own exhibition which is an indoor outhouse(or as a make-out booth as some people called it) while I didn’t go in it due to distractions I thought the concept was both interesting and pretty silly in a good way. If I had the chance to go I would definitely plan another visit with friends if possible and the option to be able to exhibit my own art is also pretty neat as well.

Field Trip (BRIC Arts Media) Reflections

The field trip to BRIC arts media is much interesting than the last time. Exhibitions giving me the feeling of elegant and simple. However, exhibitions look simple but the meanings inside are very significant. For example, the following picture I’m showing is a photograph with cactus in the wild. However, the meaning of the picture is showing that the cactus is observing the change in the wilderness while it is growing up at the same time. The picture is a little be similar with our English project that matching with the idea of overlapping. In addition, I find out that is very exciting to have a chance to know how the TV programs work. A show in the broadcast requires many steps to finish. I’m eye-opening today while I’m looking at many screens and see how they are working. Furthermore, the last part of the trip is the inside out house. I think it is the most interesting object that showing even if people stay inside, but with the darkness and the aural, you are able to free yourself and stay outside in the woodland. Unfortunately I forgot to take many pictures while I’m focusing on the experiencing. I hope the next field trip could be same as this time that makes me being eye-opening.

Cactus Inside out house