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Project#5: Reflection (not or the gallery)

As I did each part in this project along with the project#6 in ADV1100 class, it probably took two days to do. Thinking about ideas for the gallery, finding the right text to use, choose the right words that works and  brain storming on what point your coming across for the reader to understand.

Honestly I thought about the main idea to go for on the day we were assigned for this project. I didn’t have the document at that time, but I didn’t know what text to use. So, I chose to use a document from the humument page that contains the words I need that follows my main idea. By the way, the main idea was basically how people can’t always see what the other see in an artist perspective. So, we all have different ideas or meanings for what the image is displaying which can make another person think but stick with their own idea. I’m not trying to say that its a bad thing, but an interesting way we are as humans. We all are different. That’s why my title for the catalogue is named, “Differences”.

When I say that it took me two days, I mean two days to plan things out before I jumped into making my catalogue. I had to reread the text I chose over and over again and then chose the perfect words that flows well with my main idea. It wasn’t that easy, but I tried. As I finally felt happy with what I got, I got into writing the catalogue and the note with confidence.

Hope you like it!

Project#5: Gallery Note

Jessica Pareja


This artwork piece is designed to represent what love is, its bringing out an emotion in want is  “love” according from the text. The artwork is portraying how the character lost someone dear to her and now she can’t love a man. However, the true feeling is the viewers to understand her own inner feeling. The artist uses a text from Romeo and Juliet and the image is to show her opinion.

Project #5: Reflection

In this project we had to create a humument and write a description about it as if it were a gallery catalogue entry. My piece was called Dauntless and gave off a feeling of being brave, fearless, and determined. I think I did a good job at explaining all of the aspects of my piece and what they all meant. Creating the first draft of the humument took me about an hour and a half. Making the color palettes and references in class took about 2 hours. Then making the final drawing of the humument took about 2 hours to do. Writing the gallery note took me about 30 minutes and writing the gallery catalogue entry took me about 3 hours. It was a little hard to write as if it wasn’t my work of art. But I do think I ended up doing that really well while still describing the proper meaning of the piece. I could have expanded on my word choices when I was explaining some of the parts of my piece. This was overall a very fun final project to do. I enjoyed having to pick our own text from any book and creating something out of the words on the page.

Project 5: Reflection

Project 5 was the last project of the semester. It was a project shared between our Eng 1101 teacher and our Adv 1100 teacher. I feel like I’ve learned a lot this past semester. I learned how to write proper essays and we even touched a little on public speaking. We learned the different formats we could use for an essay, along with how to summarize a piece properly. This project was very challenging because we had to do a 50 word post that explained our piece. That was hard because I kept going over the amount. I liked writing the catalog because of using the word I to describe myself , I had to put it in third person.  It was something that I never usually do. I felt like I was writing a short story. I feel like my writing has improved, because my vocabulary has improved. The glossary entries we needed to post really helped expand it.

Reaching the end of the semester, I feel like I accomplished something. My perspective has greatly improved. The many field trips we had really helped. If I were to compare my writing now to when I just started class , I’d see a great difference. I know that I still need more work on my writing, but I’m still happy I improved. I’d like to thank my awesome professor, Ms.Rosen for the patience she’s had with me and my late works. I know that its not a good habit to have in college but I’m still working on it. She was not only patient she also encouraged us to visit during her office hours to help with our essays. That really helped and I’m sure if she didn’t offer, I probably would not have gone. The idea of posting our homeworks online was awesome. At first it didn’t really make sense, but I got the hang of it. I really thought my first year of college would be really dreadful, but the way Professor Rosen taught, just blew the dread into the air. I feel like I could handle college a little better now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH PROFESSOR ROSEN!!!!!

Gallery Catalogue Entry

The Humument piece called Empyrean, created by Moeen Razak is based on Dante Alighieri’s novel Inferno. A Humument is a piece of work inspired by Tom Phillips who created the very first one based on W. H. Mallock’s novel A Human Document. In the Humument presented before you, the artist tries to bring out a different interpretation of the original text. The artist uses a staircase style to help guide the reader from top to bottom. The artist uses analogous colors to help portray his meaning of the piece. From where it says” departing from the war errs O memory thy guidest thou father to the adversary who unfitting the empyreal heaven. After reading this piece the artist wants readers to feel enlightened by it. It should give its readers a spiritual effect.

By using an analogous palette for the color choices, the artist helps contrast heaven and hell. The colors used range from red to orange. It uses their chromatic gray hue along with their prismatic hue. Their are some colors that use a muted tone to express a duller hue. The colors, such as red and red orange are more hot and vibrant, so it helped fit with the hellish theme. Colors like yellow and yellow orange are a little cooler and aren’t as vibrant. The artist used these to represent heaven. When these colors are desaturated enough they can start to look cooler and have a darker value. With these colors the artist uses them for shading and produce a darker effect.

The artist uses red as his dominant color. Red has a negative feeling, like war or death. Also anything mixed with red, gives off a more vibrant hue, for example red orange. The sub dominant color would be yellow. You may ask why the artist has done this? The artist wanted to keep some of the original meaning of the text, so he used more red then yellow. The red shows more hell then heaven because the book is mainly about hell. The spaces that are left uncolored are there to help guide the reader along the piece. The artist makes it very obvious which side is hell and which side is heaven. He draws flames in red orange to show the hotness of hell. He uses the lighter colors like yellow, along with a picture of two angels to help distinguish heaven.

The title the artist chooses for this piece is Empyrean. It is a word that comes from the original text, but in a different form. It is stated in the original text as empyreal. The words basically have the same meaning (highest of heaven). The artist uses that word as his inspiration for the meaning of this piece of art. That word itself surrounded by a majority of word that have a negative meaning really catches the eye.  When the piece is read there is a message of how hard it seems to get to heaven. It makes you think as if you were on a journey and their are many forks in the road. You have to choose a way to go. That choice is what puts you closer to heaven or hell. The next few lines talk about ”all evil”. It shows how all evil is not welcomes in heaven. The precise word used is that they are unfit to be in the empyreal heaven. After reading the piece and the message the reader should feel enlightened. The message is different than what is printed on the original page of the book.

Many readers may have their own interpretations of this humument. Moeen Razak’s interpretation is just one of the many opinions out there. The main purpose the artist tried to portray  is enlightenment with spirituality. Having people see the differences of heaven and hell, would get them to choose. They would start to think where they would want to end up. They would think a little more before they make a decision. Using bright warm colors to portray heaven and hell helped support the artist’s view of the piece.

Project #5: Gallery Catalogue Entry

Dauntless is a humument created by Priya Maharban. The artist used a page from the book Divergent by Veronica Roth. The interpretation brought out by the artist in this piece is different than the interpretation of the text. The artist has designed the piece to be read from top to bottom with lines leading the reader from word to word. It reads “Dauntless I barely fear people judging and observing. All occupied. Dauntless only are left…don’t fear”. After reading this piece the artist wants readers to feel inspired by it. It is designed to give off a sense of bravery, fearlessness, and determination.

The artist used an analogous palette for the color choices of this piece. These colors are more of cool colors to go with the bravery theme. The blues and greens give off a positive effect. The artist also chose to use a wing to draw around the words to be read in the piece. The wing is the a symbol of bravery in the piece. It can be related to the bald eagle, which is a very brave animal. Always determined. The outline and inside of the wing are colored in shades of blue. The outline of the wing is a muted blue while the inside is filled with a violet blue. These colors both help with the bravery theme as intended. The words to be read are all outlined in a rectangular shape. The shape is also a dark green color. The reader is also led on to what word to read next by lines leading from one to another. Those lines are a yellow green color. Green is an overall positive color that helps with the positive impact of the piece. The outside surroundings of the wing are also colored in a yellow green.

The dominant color of the artists piece is the violet blue inside the wing. The sub-dominant color is the yellow green surrounding the wing and also the lines inside of the wing that guide the reader from word to word. The accent colors are the dark green that make up the rectangular shapes and the muted blue that is the outline of the wing.

The title of the piece is Dauntless and the word is also used in the reading. That word itself means fearless and determined. When the piece is read there is a message of not caring or fearing about people who judge you, especially if they are trying to intimidate you. This is comes from “Dauntless I barely fear people judging and observing”. The next few lines “all occupied. Dauntless only are left.” tells readers that they will keep doing what they’re doing but remaining brave and fearless will keep you going and staying determined. Then there is the last line “Don’t fear” which has the obvious message of telling all the readers not to fear those who judge them, especially if they’re doing it for negative purposes. The overall piece after reading and viewing it makes the reader feel determined and inspired if they see the strong message within it. This message is very different than what is on the original text of the page in the book. It is just a scene that actually gives off a nervous feeling. The message in the humument is the opposite.

Readers may find their own intepretations of this humument by Priya Maharban. Its main purpose is to leave the readers/viewers inspired and determined. Having them feel brave and fearless at the same time too. The artist used bright and cool colors to emphasize the positive impact/meaning of the piece and its message.


Gallery Catalogue Entry

People have different perspectives on art pieces. Some like it, some don’t, while others may be confused by the artist’s message. This is why there are captions and notes following the artwork. The piece Ms. Hinds chose was based on A Humument by Tom Philips which basically was choosing a page of any text that was appealing vocabulary and structure wise, and recreating it to make their own version of it. This newer version would be more marked up and/or colorful with select words chosen out of the text to create a story or message that matches the theme of the page. Depending on how Ms. Hinds used the colors this piece could have different meanings

The text that Ms. Hinds chose for her art piece was from Ways of Seeing by John Berger specifically page 32. The body or layout of the page itself was dense, therefore there was a variety of words to choose from and create a whole new story/message. The words she chose (from top to bottom in order) said: “Are we claiming reminiscent images by refusing knowledge of specialized experts to belong? Specialists existed originally for the rest of life and history from reproduction of art to preserve. First time ubiquitous language surrounds people.” Compared to the original order of the text on the page, this doesn’t make sense as a paragraph to fit into that story because it’s something completely different. This quote is basically talking about us as the general public not realizing and accepting the work of experts/specialists, but rather hanging onto what’s left of the past and these experts and/or scientists are here to save us from it. They don’t want us to hang onto this ubiquitous commodity which is what we view it as and what we are surrounded by.

The message Ms. Hinds is trying to send the message in her artwork is that experts are the intelligent ones and we all can be too if we let go of things we dwell on that hinder us from moving forward. She used the mechanical wheels in her art piece to represent our minds (the public and the experts) to show how humans are smart people and have different ways of functioning mentally or expressing themselves. It shows our “wheels are always turning.” That means we are always using our brain whether were asleep or awake. We are a complex form of life on this planet and she also used the different shades of green in her piece to show that. She used the colors violet and magenta to signify the “reminiscent images” that we are claiming.

For regular people, creating this piece would be a little challenging because it would be hard to find the right creation to represent or go along with the words in the text that are picked out. Finding a photograph of purple and magenta flowers with green stems and leaves, Ms. Hinds used that to convert the same amount of colors onto her art piece to show the correlation with the two pictures.

This art piece can mean one thing to one person and another thing to someone else. A simple change in color or change in the size of any small thing anywhere on this artwork can mean a whole new piece of art. The artist specifically found a way to use green as the dominant color to help express her meaning while the colors of magenta and purple soften up the piece. Overall this piece represents her life and how she moved forward to become one of those “experts” that didn’t hold on to the past.

Gallery Note

Empyrean a Humument  by Moeen Razak

This piece is designed to give its viewers a spiritual feeling. Looking at this piece should have you feeling enlightened. This piece should help show, the comparison between heaven and hell. Moeen chooses to use the analogous portion of the color wheel. (Reds & Oranges)


Project #5 Gallery Catalogue Entry

This art work is worked by Xiaocen Jiao. The work is about a girl who struggle with her life and justice. People around her spread gossips which are counterfeit.  However she’s a person whose rather to die instead of obeying her principal. The Author is trying to build a great woman to irony those people who like whispering gossips. Unfortunately,  the girl finally uses death to show her innocent. This art work is inspired by Humument, Tom Phillips, working based on Core Unashamed, Langston Hughes.

People like to hear news, but the distance between news and gossips maybe just several adjectives. Lucy started to be a target in neighborhoods’ mouths since she was in her mother’s body. The reason is because she didn’t have a father. Her mother Jane was pregnant without a marriage. Actually, her father died in a war without a body. Her mother looked Lucy as a bright pearl because she’s the only thing that her father left to her mother. They used to love each other so deep. At the beginning, when Lucy’s mother moved in to this small town, people are wondering her background and her charming soulmate,  Lucy’s father Harry. Half year later, the war started. Harry had to leave. That’s the beginning of the tragedy. No one knew it because Jane thought that’s the duty for a man scarfing for the country. Some people said Harry fell in love with another girl. When they received the message about Harry’s death, but didm’t find a body, some started to say Harry was a deserter. At this time, Jane had been pregnant for several months, then people realized that the reason Harry left was because “he didn’t want to be a father “or “the baby was belonging to someone else.”

Bad news always has wings. When Lucy was born in this tiny town, she became one of those two victims by gossips. She was a good girl as always, but in some people’s words, she was the underbred girl without father’ which is unfair for her. At the age of going to school, if some kids lost their stuffs,” must be Lucy stole.”; if Lucy got grade A, ” must cheat on others. ‘ However, in this horrible situation, Lucy became more and more honest and brave because she knew the hurt of gossip that she’d suffered. She was just trying to insist her innocent, but finally she chose death because the power of rumor. She thought if death is the only way to make people realizing that they have been wrong, she would do it. In the end, the death was deserved. People were ashamed. You won’t believe the power of rumor, but you have to admit people like to exaggerate the truth to catch audiences attention.

This piece just a part of a story, but Xiaocen want to express that the truth is more precious. Please don’t spread things you are not sure or you know it’s not true, because it may hurt someone. So in this piece, Xiaocen just created a half face of Lucy because another side of the face was Lucy living in other people’s words. Xiaocen’s work is trying to inspire you think about what you should say before you say it. Words are also a cruel weapon that kill people without blood.

Gallery Catalogue

Through Defeat is a humument by Alexander Guerrero that was inspired by Tom Philips’s original artistic rendering of text, A Humument. Guerrero’s humument contains a copy of a page located in Act II, Scene III, page 83 of Lorraine Hansberry’s play A raisin in the Sun. The designing of the humument was done by using two tints of brown, one green, black and two tints of gray colored prismacolor colored pencils along with a black .08 micron pen to make the words stand out from the colored pencils. The humument made out of the text from A raisin in the Sun is a trio of flags upon mountains which brings upon the subject of this humument. Alexander also uses the psychology of color to go along with the meaning of the text to further drive the feeling of despair that defeat brings. Simply trying your best does not always mean you will succeed, and that defeat is simply inevitable.

Guerrero uses Hansberry’s Act II, Scene III from A raisin in the sun to completely switch the context of a major turning point in a character and driving it to the ground by making it grim and essentially driving it’s original meaning to the ground. This is where Guerrero puts to play the psychology of color into play by combining the context of the original text along with the colors and the image that is being presented by this humument. Green can be symbolic of envy, in India the color brown denotes mourning, white represents emptiness, black represents pessimism, and finally gray represents isolation.This goes along well with the image being presented in the humument as it shows a field with a trio of flags that represent defeat upon a battlefield or the mourning of a failed dream.

The decision of creating a humument came from one of Guerrero’s experiences in his journey as a graphic designer with little to no experience, as a young boy who has enjoyed drawing to the college student he has become now, he did initially faced opposition from his parents which quickly shattered his dreams in which he felt all the colors that created this humument, however his parent’s opinion were quickly changed and Guerrero began once more with his dream. A Raisin in the sun was also chosen for this sole reason, Guerrero originally planned to go with a more lighthearted humument that spoke about being prideful of one’s roots and origins, however quickly changed it upon realizing how much more fun it is to completely switch the context of a text by simply choosing a few words. Upon discovering the fun in switching the context and being a “villain” to optimism Guerrero created the humument that is presently being shown right now.

As for the text A raisin in the sun by Lorraine Hansberry was chosen for it’s theme of dreams and whether or not one lets them “dry up like a raisin in the sun”. This text also reflects on Guerrero’s past experiences, as well as his morals and how he himself, nearly let his dreams become just that, a raisin that has dried up in the sun. The piece of text that was chosen takes place around the end of the climax and is a major turning point for a character who nearly throws away the pride, future and among many other things of his family all for the sake of money however this character instead decides to reject the money and continue with their original plans of moving forward. In the end this humument was created from flipping the meaning of the text by adding more despair and defeat into the mix, but just like the text the humument can be flipped over to present another meaning of simply not giving up and following those dreams.