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Over the semester I learned way more than I expected to in this course. I learned about different things in art that I’ve never heard of and did projects that I never attempted. Photoshop, illustrator, using inking pens and analyzing colors differently are all things I can take with me out of this class and in other classes and the real world. The hardest project for me was the animated mashup because I never touched photoshop until this class, and using it more helped me understand it and use it for later projects even though I still struggle with it at times. I will use what I learned in Graphic Design principles to help me excel in higher classes and apply to jobs in this field.

I also like how we get alot of work done during class and don’t just sit through lectures like regular classes. My favorite project was project 4 actually because  while I experimented with grays and colors it helped me learn about it also. I know now that you have to add in just the right amount of black to the color white to get a specific shade of grey. Achromatic grays and photoshop was what I learned the most about. Our peer mentor Loubna was also very helpful with the work and with things outside the class and now I know more about City Tech.

Gallery Catalogue Entry

People have different perspectives on art pieces. Some like it, some don’t, while others may be confused by the artist’s message. This is why there are captions and notes following the artwork. The piece Ms. Hinds chose was based on A Humument by Tom Philips which basically was choosing a page of any text that was appealing vocabulary and structure wise, and recreating it to make their own version of it. This newer version would be more marked up and/or colorful with select words chosen out of the text to create a story or message that matches the theme of the page. Depending on how Ms. Hinds used the colors this piece could have different meanings

The text that Ms. Hinds chose for her art piece was from Ways of Seeing by John Berger specifically page 32. The body or layout of the page itself was dense, therefore there was a variety of words to choose from and create a whole new story/message. The words she chose (from top to bottom in order) said: “Are we claiming reminiscent images by refusing knowledge of specialized experts to belong? Specialists existed originally for the rest of life and history from reproduction of art to preserve. First time ubiquitous language surrounds people.” Compared to the original order of the text on the page, this doesn’t make sense as a paragraph to fit into that story because it’s something completely different. This quote is basically talking about us as the general public not realizing and accepting the work of experts/specialists, but rather hanging onto what’s left of the past and these experts and/or scientists are here to save us from it. They don’t want us to hang onto this ubiquitous commodity which is what we view it as and what we are surrounded by.

The message Ms. Hinds is trying to send the message in her artwork is that experts are the intelligent ones and we all can be too if we let go of things we dwell on that hinder us from moving forward. She used the mechanical wheels in her art piece to represent our minds (the public and the experts) to show how humans are smart people and have different ways of functioning mentally or expressing themselves. It shows our “wheels are always turning.” That means we are always using our brain whether were asleep or awake. We are a complex form of life on this planet and she also used the different shades of green in her piece to show that. She used the colors violet and magenta to signify the “reminiscent images” that we are claiming.

For regular people, creating this piece would be a little challenging because it would be hard to find the right creation to represent or go along with the words in the text that are picked out. Finding a photograph of purple and magenta flowers with green stems and leaves, Ms. Hinds used that to convert the same amount of colors onto her art piece to show the correlation with the two pictures.

This art piece can mean one thing to one person and another thing to someone else. A simple change in color or change in the size of any small thing anywhere on this artwork can mean a whole new piece of art. The artist specifically found a way to use green as the dominant color to help express her meaning while the colors of magenta and purple soften up the piece. Overall this piece represents her life and how she moved forward to become one of those “experts” that didn’t hold on to the past.


This semester for me had its ups and downs. I was a little behind in the beginning and soon caught up, then I fell behind again and was always turning in things late. I liked the projects overall because they were interesting- not dull and boring where you just do research at home, write an essay and turn it in. There was some exploration and adventure for these assignments which I’m glad for because it made it more fun. I think my writing skills have improved in the past 4 months however I could do better with my procrastination level. College is time consuming because of the work but this class made it fun and I was able to do some of the work with my friends outside of school. I think I need to work on my vocabulary words more because I want a wider range of vocabulary and I’ve been slacking with that this semester, mainly focusing on the assignments. Overall the work was fair and our peer mentor was helpful throughout the semester and I can say I will use what I learned in the next semesters I have left here and in real life.


Ubiquitous (adj.) – existing or being everywhere at the same time :  constantly encountered. (

I came across this word in the Ways of Seeing text on page 32 where it describes art. It says “For the first time ever, images of art have become ephemeral, ubiquitous, insubstantial, available, valueless, free.” I understand now from the definitions and the context clues in the sentence that ubiquitous means “open” or “surrounding”.

Conspiracy (n.)

Conspiracy: a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal

I got the definition form Merriam-Webster website. I encountered the word in the Ways of Seeing text on page 32. It says “By refusing to enter a conspiracy, one remains innocent of that conspiracy. But to remain innocent may also be to remain ignorant.” I understand better now that a conspiracy is a bad thing mainly but can be a useful thing because not being innocent means not being ignorant in this text.

Reflection (Aesthetic Mapping)

For project 4, I expected it to be challenging to find a unique route because downtown Brooklyn is an area that seems to have more buildings than trees (in my opinion). However, it was a fun experience even though I would’ve preferred to do it in the spring or summer- where nature is more recognized because of the bloomed flowers/trees. I didn’t try to make my walk too long and I didn’t spend too much time in the park because it was something lie 20-30 degrees outside and I was so cold to the point where tears were coming out my eyes. I don’t think I would have went to take the walk that day if I didn’t have my friend with me because I HATE the cold. But living in Brooklyn, I don’t think I’ve ever been to Cadman Plaza Park and seeing Cadman Plaza Park in the evening was a pretty sight. I spent the most part of this project writing the Pitch since it doesn’t take me 5 minutes to write 700-900 words about my walk. I didn’t remember a lot of the street names so I had to rely on google and google maps to include in my pitch. I didn’t really get any feedback from any peers so I just did some research online about the history of the parks and added that to the Pitch. It wasn’t much but I think I excelled at capturing the right pictures to show what I saw on the walk specifically. I also think I needed to work on what were some more of the sounds and smells on my walk because I didn’t really focus on that.  But like the article said, this walk can ease stress. For me, that’s just what it did for a while.