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The artwork is created over J. D. Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye. The page I choose is nearly toward to the ending, which Holden is in an argument with his sister. For the people did not understand protagonist Holden Caulfield’s personality, they may think he is being angry. However, Holden’s innermost feeling is full of sadness, and he is building a wall to isolating himself. The only one who can comfort Holden’s feeling is his sister, so i leave a tiny space to represent as light that getting into Holden’s heart.


Project 5: Reflection

For project 5, I have spent approximately one hour and half of the Gallery Note and the Gallery Catalogue. The Gallery Catalogue took me one hour and half for writing and editing. However, I didn’t receive many comments from my other peers, because we are rushing our time in the final week. In project 5, I still need to improve my grammar and supporting details. I hope I can receive more comments back if time is allowed, because I’m not sure am I supporting enough or the details are too lengthy. However, if without these details, it is not easy to explain the purpose of the artwork. The only thing I feel satisfied is I have chosen my favorite text and turned into a different meaning. The original text itself can be interpreted into many different meanings, and the artwork I have created is one of my interpretation of the text. However, I have some questions want to ask at the end if my classmates and professor have to time answer. Is there any sentence making confusion? Am I being too wordy or lacking strong supporting details? How can I make my introduction be concise and clear? These are the questions I want to ask if any of you have time to answer. Clearly, the Gallery Catalogue Entry provides me a chance to explain the original text and the purpose of my artwork.

Gallery Catalogue Entry

Sorrow, is a piece of Humument that created by HaiLin Du over J. D. Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye. A Humument was a new expression of art that was inspired by Tom Phillips created over W. H. Mallock’s novel A Human Document. In this Humument, the artist is bringing out a different interpretation of the original text. The sentence in this artwork is from the top to the bottom, indicating a movement to guide viewers how to read it. The sentence said “I almost I thought I have… hold on, don’t cry, I’ll be very, very, very sad” is a sentence that portraying protagonist Holden Caulfield’s innermost feeling from The Catcher in the Rye. Holden Caulfield is an icon of teenage rebellion in the novel. However, it is a different expression showing the protagonist is being lonely and sad. As viewers continue viewing carefully, everything in this piece has meaning.

At the beginning of creating this piece, the artist is decided to use analogous colors to express a sorrow feeling. However, the artist also applying the idea from the original text and combing with his idea and finally comes out with this final product. As viewers looking at these colors, there is dominating navy blue is surrounded by the black color. In the original text, Holden Caulfield is a spokesman that asking why the society is corrupt. As a teenager, Holden did not understand what is true and wrong. Holden wishes to remain as a child and never grow up, because he believes being innocent is the happiest thing in the world. However, everyone has to face the reality, because everyone has to grow up. As a result, Holden hates the adult’s world, and he wants to protect the innocent from the society.

However, no one understands Holden, and Holden is on his own way. As time passing by, Holden is building a wall blocking himself from adult’s world. The color of this piece is a symbol of the wall that encircles Holden’s innermost feeling. As viewers can see, navy color is dominating the piece which representing sorrow, People may think he is bad teenager, because he got kicked out of high school, running away from home, drinking liquor and etc. None of the adults can understand Holden’s innermost feeling including his parents. Fortunately, at the end of the original text, Holden’s younger sister Phoebe comforted Holden’s mind. In this art piece, artist is chosen a page at the end of the novel. At the top of this art piece, there is a small space that colored with sky color, which represents a light from Phoebe getting into Holden’s innermost feeling.

This page is a scene that Holden is in an argument with Phoebe, and Phoebe starts to cry. From the original text, Holden expresses he hated his sister, because his sister wants to run away with him. However, the artist interprets this page into a different meaning. Holden is rebelling the society, because no one can understand him. However, the artist expressing Phoebe’s tears makes Holden realize he has someone he wants to care about. This art piece is designed to be sorrow, but the hidden meaning of the small space is indicating Holden’s mind is being comforted by his innocent sister. The artist hopes every viewer can understand the true meaning of the original text, and also can understand the interpretation of the artist.

Overall, Sorrow is an art piece indicating everyone to view something differently. The purpose of this artwork is to remind people should not make any prediction from the observation of the surface. The artist hopes everyone can understand Holden’s innermost feeling, but also has a deeper meaning which to inform people things can be interpreted in a different way.


Traumatized - adjective

Definition: Psychiatry. to cause a trauma in (the mind)


Encounter: I encounter the word when I read the article “CAR Sees Child Soldier Increase” in December 21, 2014

Understand:  The word traumatize is used when Véronique Aubert (Senior Conflict & Humanitarian Policy and Research Adviser for Save the Children) said “many children are traumatized from witnessing violence or being forced to take part in it.” From that sentence, I did not understand what the word traumatize means until I looked up in the dictionary. Traumatize in the sentence means many children are injured in psychology by witnessing or be part in the violence. However, the word traumatized and traumatize is different, because this sentence using the word traumatize as an adjective with the past tense. In the end, I have learnt this word can be used as a verb and adjective depends on the sentence.


Monetary - Adjective

Definition: of or relating to the coinage or currency of a country.


Encounter: I encounter the word when I read the article “US Fed: Interest Rates Could Rise by Middle of 2015″ in December 17, 2014

Understand:  When the article indicated “Economists say the Fed’s monetary policies have helped fuel the U.S. recovery” I can’t predict what the word monetary means from the sentence. After I looked up the word which is related to currency, I immediately understand Fed’s monetary policies not only affecting the economy, but also affecting the society. In the future, I will try to use this word as an adjective instead using the world currency as a noun.

Gallery Note

HaiLin Du


This artwork piece is designed to bring out the real mood “sorrow” from the text. The artwork is portraying a character’s hidden feeling, so viewers can understand character’s innermost feeling. As a result, viewers can understand what kind of sorrow is that, and understand the real feeling of the character.


Bipartisan - Adjective

Definition: representing, characterized by, or including members from two parties or factions


Encounter: I encountered this word when I reading the article “Little Progress in US Authorization for Fight Against Islamic State” in December 12, 2014

Understand:  The word is used when the article said “Despite strong bipartisan support for the fight against Islamic State, neither the administration nor a politically divided Congress is eager to wrestle with an authorization for the use of military force, according to political analyst Stuart Rothenberg.” At the beginning, I’m guessing the word “bipartisan” from its prefix which bi- represents two. As a result, I looked in the dictionary and the word means two parties. From that sentence, the word “bipartisan” taught me even though I don’t understand that word, I still can make a logical guess by word’s prefix and the detail from the sentence.

Thoughtful Assessment

In the end, project 5 teach me how colors and interacting each other. From those color exercises, colors can change the mood of a picture based on the combination of colors. Color Interactions can change a picture’s value and hue. With these major elements, the mood of the picture and be interpret in different ways. As a result, in the final product of Paired Color Identities, I have applied this idea by carefully selecting colors to see how these colors affecting each other. However, the image I select was not created me, because I did not have enough skill to draw a suitable imagine to represent my pair. Overall, project 5 is a concept showing colors can be modified based on the combination of colors.