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Project#4: Revising the pitch

Brooklyn if you walk around the neighborhood, you’ll encounter many lovely places. However, the question is what influences people to choose the path they decision to walk on? Many ideas come to a person’s mind when choosing a path, it can come from using your five senses.  If you walk in the streets of Brooklyn you’ll get to see areas full of crowd people and as well as lonely places. I understand the people who choose to walk in crowded places, there you’ll see a lot of commercial areas toward the nearest subway. You get to see buildings toward being able to smell different kinds of food. However, there are  people who walk in lonely areas. The feeling of stress that puts people to walk along lonely areas. The sign of freedom that makes people enjoy of being lonely or being with someone to just talk alone with.

There are many people who come visit  Brooklyn, some just visit, some just moved here and others just work here. If those people don’t know the area or just came out of work, they’re most likely people who’ll fall for easy traps that led into crowded areas. People who study around City Tech which is located in Jay Metro Tech station. They walk straight from the campus point and straight into the train station. These people whose head are full of work, studies, and extra information won’t pay attention to anything but getting home. How about the people who have free time, they just walk to the store get food and wait till time flies. People shouldn’t just kill time, they should walk on these people lonely areas to realize the bad pain. People can only experiences areas with loneliness, if people decided to walk areas with a calm senses. People can began by exiting out of city tech and heading up towards Johnson St and passing Adams st. Making a right people will see Cadman Plaza East and Tillary Street, there people will witness the Korean War Veterans Plaza. There people will see the park with not enough people to be bothering one another. In the Korean War Veterans Plaza, people just walk around there, however you can feel the presents quietness just by being there. Its a small ahead that people can quietly sit around till all their ideas or pressures they have leave. Comparing the more crowded areas with here people get the feeling often to get lost in their thoughts.

The Korean War Veterans Plaza isn’t the place to hang around people can find lonely areas ahead. However, what happens the Korean War Veterans Plaza is the history it represents. In a local online newspaper, Don Evans stated “It’s a small monument compared to the expansive World War II memorial in nearby Cadman Plaza Park, the heroic arch on Grand Army Plaza honoring Civil War soldiers or the modest Korean War Veterans plaza in Columbus Park. Designed by architects Danby and Nute, it is a tribute to soldiers from an old neighborhood that is being revived by completed high-rise apartment buildings such as Oro and Bridgeview Tower with three others yet to come.” The Korean War Veterans Plaza is a memorial of the World War, for those soldiers who fought.  The Korean War Veterans is a place  of peace because not only do the people know its an area for respect but its written to never forget its propose. As Evans Stated  ““In loving memory of those men of this district who in the war of 1917 and 1918 fought and died for freedom. Their neighbors through the Seawanhaka Democratic Club erect this monument,” the inscription says.”  The Korean War Veterans Plaza is a place that has shown peace, quietness and as well as loneliness. The plaza influences the people to find happiness in a memorial.

After a long day, the tour ends and people have to return home. Lonely and quiet areas around the Korean War Veterans Plaza help people gain a sense of peace from any situation they’re dealing. Being in crowd areas maintains people busy it will make people feel annoyed that everyone in your way. However, once your at the Korean War Veterans Plaza you get the sense of relax. Being in busy area doesn’t relax anyone, people try to walk areas they’re going to walk lonely areas to try to avoid the crowd without making someone have a headache. Taking lonely areas gets a person thinking less, sometimes lonely areas can take you the fastest way to avoid the crowded areas. After seeing the history of the Korean War Veterans Plaza. it makes people enjoy there walk and view. Instead of just having to a relaxed area, the history of the Korean War Veterans Plaza opens up minds. There aren’t many people who know the history of the Korean War Veterans Plaza.  This will allow people to open up and wonder areas, a quiet area to know about the history.



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Project#4: Aesthetic Mapping (Self-evaluation)

After doing project#4, I came to an understanding of this project the point of this was to get a the writer to understand the feeling of the setting. As a writer one must understand how to write a description. As a writer one must come to an understanding of their point and force. According to my essay in the pitch as I stated “Brooklyn if you walk around the neighborhood, you’ll encounter many lovely places. However, the question is what influences people to choose the path they decision to walk on? Many ideas come to a person’s mind when choosing a path, it can come from using your five senses.  If you walk in the streets of Brooklyn you’ll get to see areas full of crowd people and as well as lonely places. I understand the people who choose to walk in crowded places, there you’ll see a lot of commercial areas toward the nearest subway. You get to see buildings toward being able to smell different kinds of food. However, there are  people who walk in lonely areas. The feeling of stress that puts people to walk along lonely areas. The sign of freedom that makes people enjoy of being lonely or being with someone to just talk alone with.” I felt like it was a good introduce for the essay. I described what my topic of my essay was going to be about however, as Hai Lin commented I should have started stronger. In my body paragraphs an example, ” If Korean War Veterans Plaza isn’t the place to hang around people can find lonely areas ahead. There are more areas that people can enjoy, while walking people can continue there path though walking towards Clinton and Pierreport Street. From Pierreport street taking  a right to Hicks street. In the area people will see varieties street that are lonely there, people can just walk in the area and look at the old buildings. The you can see the amazing architecture. People can walk around freely without bumping to someone anyone can almost feel that they own the street however there might be two or three people in the surrounding.  While looking around the area, the people who enjoy architecture might draw sketches or take pictures that will help them better the area for the future or keep it the same for their projects.” I wanted to stay force of lonely however, I just describe the place instead of force why it feel and how the surrounding is. Same goes with my other essay, I start to force on other  and not my point my essay however, I feel like I did in my second essay.


Project#4:Aesthetic Mapping (review)

After walking around the neighborhood of my fellow classmate I noticed that all the area was beautiful. I chose to walk around the neighborhood of Hai Lin’s route. During the walk I noticed that not only was beautiful, but peaceful. As he mention in his essay he was able to describe a place of lonely and quiet as well as describing a place full of nature. As he stated “When people slowly walking into Columbus Park, people will have a different experience. The path is wider than normal pedestrian routes, and trees from each side blocking noise from the city. While people moving deeply into Columbus Park, people can see there is a giant historical building, a garden with grass and flowers, and a fountain. These things are creating a sense of peaceful and quiet, because these things will help people forget they are living in one of the busiest city. If people have enough time, people can sit on the stairs of the historical building to give themselves a different feeling. The feeling will be totally different, because it is a peaceful place for people to slow down their life. Comparing with the train station and the crossroad, sitting inside of the Columbus Park is new way to experience quiet. And if people have any annoyance, it is a great moment to think about, because quiet can always help people relax their emotion and come up with different solutions. ” Hai Lin clearly mentions this area full of peace and a sense of relaxed.  After walking in the area I felt that the area gave me a sense of peace and an area where I could get my thoughts straight-out. In the center of Columbus park it tends to be more quiet even though it has a court house in front of it. As you enter the park you just feel warm and safe. However, as you exited it tends to get crowded with full of people walking around. I felt like he should be more clear on just being in the middle of Columbus park and just standing there. I feel like further in the walk just doesn’t match the sense of nature and peace.

Reflection (Aesthetic Mapping)

For project 4, I expected it to be challenging to find a unique route because downtown Brooklyn is an area that seems to have more buildings than trees (in my opinion). However, it was a fun experience even though I would’ve preferred to do it in the spring or summer- where nature is more recognized because of the bloomed flowers/trees. I didn’t try to make my walk too long and I didn’t spend too much time in the park because it was something lie 20-30 degrees outside and I was so cold to the point where tears were coming out my eyes. I don’t think I would have went to take the walk that day if I didn’t have my friend with me because I HATE the cold. But living in Brooklyn, I don’t think I’ve ever been to Cadman Plaza Park and seeing Cadman Plaza Park in the evening was a pretty sight. I spent the most part of this project writing the Pitch since it doesn’t take me 5 minutes to write 700-900 words about my walk. I didn’t remember a lot of the street names so I had to rely on google and google maps to include in my pitch. I didn’t really get any feedback from any peers so I just did some research online about the history of the parks and added that to the Pitch. It wasn’t much but I think I excelled at capturing the right pictures to show what I saw on the walk specifically. I also think I needed to work on what were some more of the sounds and smells on my walk because I didn’t really focus on that.  But like the article said, this walk can ease stress. For me, that’s just what it did for a while.

Project #4: Review

This project was interesting and fun to me. I just wish it could have been done when it wasn’t so cold. Though everything is beautiful at this time of year with fall/winter colors and Christmas decorations. Having to to find a new route to go either back home or to City Tech was fun to do because I got to discover new places that I didn’t know of before. I also liked the idea of having to persuade someone into wanting my app and wanting to take my route. The steps of the project were really helpful, how it went from describing the route, to the pitch, to the final revision. Also getting help from other classmates was very useful and it helped me with the revision of my pitch. The feedback helped me with expanding my essay, and I learned that I had to be a little more detailed on certain things. There were also things that I had to take out, I also did add some more information. The feedback was really helpful. I think I need to work a little more on my descriptions in my writing. So the reader can have a better image in their head of what I’m describing on my route. I think I did well at playing a persuasive role throughout the essay, having to make the reader want to take my route, and want to download the app. I also think I did a good job in explaining where exactly I walked on my route.

Project #4 Final Draft

In today’s busy world finding the most quickest route is crucial and familiarizing ourselves with is important if we want to save time, but by doing this we’re essentially missing out on our beautiful surroundings. Getting lost is by far the only way to get to know what is around us but as we all know that consumes far too much time, but what about getting “lost” in an area that passes through your commute? We shall be exploring such route and without further ado, lets begin!

Our rout shall run from Jay Street Metrotech station in where the A,C, F and R trains run to the Dekalb station on Flatbush in which the B,D,N,Q and R trains run. Upon exiting the Jay Street station make a left and walk straight until you see Myrtle Avenue on the other side of the street and head over on to the Metrotech center. From there walk straight on Myrtle as you walk there will be art exhibitions that were donated to Polytech NYU, food franchises such as Five Guys and at this point in time the Metrotech center is beautifully decorated with many Christmas themed decorations to celebrate the holidays. As you progress to end of the street you will see a curved road from there make a left and walk straight,  from here being “lost” is quite rewarding. The sight you will most definitely see is a couple of houses and a church that are awfully out of place, but have quite a lot of history behind them first let’s begin with the church. The church you will see here is named The Oratory Church of Saint Boniface was originally built during the 1870’s by German immigrants eventually became ran down but was restored by priests and brothers of the Order of Saint Phillip Neri who too were looking for a home and thus the Oratory Church of Saint Boniface was born. This Neo gothic church has received lots of attention for the sheer amount of people who have attended on Palm Sunday and the distances they travel just to get there. Now on to the other three houses that are located right next to the Oratory Church of Saint Boniface, these four buildings( They’re commonly referred to as the 180-184 Duffield houses) which are remnants of a neighborhood that no longer exist were originally located on the corner of Johnson Street between Bridge and Lawrence street, which has now become Tech Place. The first three buildings(180-183) were build by Rev. Samuel Roosevelt Johnson in 1838 and1839, lastly the fourth building was built by a merchant, Francis Chichester. As the Metrotech place was being built in the early 1980’s these pieces of history were in danger of being erased from history, however in 1990 they were moved to their present location and as of 2001 they have been landmark as a group. For those wondering if these buildings are currently being occupied, they have been occupied in the past and still are only now are occupied by non-profits, agencies, and business offices. Continue walking straight and make a left upon Willoughby street and continue for a bit, another stop we shall make is at the Chase building which is only a minute or two away, (A word of warning, if you have experienced anything similar to an epileptic seizure I strongly recommend that you skip this stop) inside there is a bunch of monitors that display various images that look as if they belong in some kind of music video. Upon exiting continue walking the same path while walking you’ll come across the Institute of Design and Construction, upon coming to the end of the street look to your left and you can see a building with a pretty cool design, and in the middle of the road there is wire frame cubes. Continue on to the car wash that is offering $5 dollar discounts if you decide to print out your won coupon. Make a right on to the Flatbush exit or on the car wash, from there continue straight to eventually find the Dekalb train station, however this is not the station we shall be stopping at. Continue forward until you find the next train station, as you walk you’ll see Long Island University which surprisingly is not located in Long Island, as you walk you will eventually approach the station that marks the end of your journey, not only have you explored a familiar area you have also found a different way in and learned a little about the neighborhood.

Getting lost is one of the very few ways out there to truly explore our surroundings but often getting lost takes up too much time.  Being lost can help a person discover the beauty of their surroundings, simply being lost in a familiar area can bring about discovery and help an individual learn about something new






Project #4: reflection

After dong project # 4 I thought it was something interesting. It was something interesting to me because it made me discover things I never noticed before and it helped me learn a little of the area around the school and maybe to even give direction or how to guide someone if there lost. Maybe I can give someone direction now that I sort of know the street. In general It feels like I could’ve done a little more and made it a bit better but I tried not to focus more than one thing. I think if I would’ve planned out what I was going to do and write about it could of made better to understand. But I do think I need to improve a little more on my writing and organize my paragraphs. In general it was a pretty good project.

Project #4 The pitch: revised

We all know that New York is a big City but on the map it looks so small. However does  that mean we can never walk the the streets of New York.  Well if we take the time to explore our city and take a 10-15 minute walk on a nice beautiful day. Wouldn’t you want to discover something you never knew before and it was always there but never realized. Well I took the chance to walk and explore a little. I took a walk stating from court street train station to the end of my route which was jay street at City Tech college.

While I was walking I wanted to focus on the buildings architecture and the color that was chosen for the building. When I arrived to the court street train station I took a right and walked to Henry street I was not exactly sure where I was at but then I found my way. I didn’t really know there were stores on those side of the area I thought it was only about court street and Atlantic ave. Right in the corner of Henry street  looking the block it sort of look like a village hidden because it so quite around and not a lot people were there. They do have restaurants and clothing stores and couple of more stores.

But anyways after standing on the corner of Henry street I was not exactly sure where to go so I made a left and walked straight like 2-3 blocks down. While walking down those blocks there this one building that stood to me. I don’t know if it was because it looked different from the other building or because it was the only one the right side of the block. The architecture of the building or house looked so fancy it was constructed Ver nicely the design it had on it was very modern and the colors it had made it look even better. The way the windows and doors were made seemed like it made look fancy. It didn’t just look any other regular window. After that I cointinued walking down to Henry street and I reached joralome street and that is where I saw the three building lined up next to each other with different colors. The only reason it also stood out to me was because usually I don’t see something like on my regular walk mostly all the building are just made out of bricks and they look like a redish brownish. But the houses there was yellow, red and green. I thought it was pretty nice to see that because those where the only building that were colors on that block the rest where like a orange red color or a brown color.

After looking at that I continued walking and I reached Atlantic ave. I also realized it was another area where they had a lot of stores there was various restaurants, clothing store and markets. I walked like two block on Atlantic ave and I made a left on Clinton street. Then it went back to buildings where the nice quite area is. I walked a block on cliton street and made a right and walked down to court street. I made a two min stop right in front of Barnes and noble  and that’s where it got bit noisier and a bit crowded. I didn’t really mind because that’s one of the busiest streets there’s always car passing by and usually you would always see people walking there.

Then I walk to borough hall going back to the school passed the Supreme Court and kept walking down to Fulton street right at the corner where shake shack was at another place to have some food. I took the left side of Shake shack and reached pearl street from there you walk straight until you see a place where it looks like a dead end but it’s seems like a secret pathway. I never actually knew it was like a short cut. So took that short cut and walked to jay street and walked to City Tech college.

This walk was only about a 10-15 min walk. It was actually pretty nice outside when I took this walk and it took place during the afternoon it was still daylight. Sometimes when you actually take a walk not knowing where your going it can make it a interesting walk.  Because you can do cover something you never seen before and you can learn new places or areas or go to a neighborhood you never been to before in your Burroughs. It can soon become your new favorite place. So why not take a 5-10 min walk and walk around and see if you can find something that interests you.

Project 4:Reflection

Upon doing project 4, I found myself having fun while doing my walk. I never would’ve believed that I would end up doing something like this. First of all I had to pick a route that I thought would have interesting things to see. Then I had to pretend to sell my route to others. I had to be as descriptive as my vocabulary would let me. I even had to do a presentation in front the class, explaining what I saw and how it felt to take my walk. This mean that I had to be very attentive as I took my walk because if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be able to describe it well.

The project really helped me improve the way see and perceive the world. I also got to know my surroundings better. When I was first going to do my walk, it was pouring. This discouraged me a little. Then when I finally did my walk,it was freezing cold outside. I really couldn’t catch a break with the weather. Even though I’m complaining a lot, I really did enjoy my walk. I got to walk through a nice quiet park and saw many shades of color. I got to see the different monuments and buildings. I even got a couple ideas of where I would go to shop for my Christmas gifts.

I spent a lot of time doing this project. It took hours figuring out what words I would use to help describe the scenery. Then I had to make sure it made sense and that I wasn’t babbling. I think I need to work on my vocabulary, because knowing a wide variety of descriptive words would’ve really helped with this project. If I could change anything about this project it would probably be how I presented during the presentation. I believe it would’ve helped me a lot if I had pictures to help describe my route. I did my best to explain what my route was about, now its up to you to take it.

Project 4: Revised Pitch

Most people walk the same route to there destination everyday. They see the same scenery everyday. This cause people to start ignoring their surroundings. By doing this people block out any new sights that could be seen. People also like taking the fastest route to there destination. They try to avoid any detour possible, because it would make them late. No one likes to be late, but what if you had 15 minutes extra to spare, or maybe your professor decided to cancel class, but you can’t go home because you have another class right after. Theirs even the possibility that you just finished class and you don’t want to go home straight away or maybe your waiting for your special someone and you got there too early. Theirs many different reasons why you would have free time on your hands. You should take my route if you find yourself with some free time. You’ll have a fabulous time and you’ll get to know the surrounding area better. You’ll enjoy the nice fauna of nature and the beautiful architecture made by human kind. You’ll even have nice tasty food to chow down on, in case you get hungry. My route takes you from High Street, where you can the A and C subway lines to City Tech. You can use my walk to get better acquainted with the area.

Once you get off the train you should walk toward Middagh Street. There you’ll see the entrance to Cadman Plaza park. You’ll be walking through the park, so you’ll experience the natural beauty of nature. You’ll head toward the historical monument, dedicated to William Jay Gaynor. From there you’ll take the path with benches lined off toward the left. If you ever feel tired, you can always sit down and take a breather. While continuing down this path you’ll notice lots of different shades of brown and orange leaves. Since its Autumn you’ll be seeing plenty of those. You’ll then reach a place where you could either go right or left. If you take the time to look straight ahead you’ll notice trees line off on the right and left sides, followed by a green pasture of grass at the bottom. It’ll give off a magical feeling, like if your in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland.  From here you’ll turn right and you’ll start to see a big open field, where kids normally play. The field is full of green artificial grass, but you still get the idea of staring at a big open pasture of real green grass. You may even feel tempted to lay down and take a nap on the grass. Their also benches here so if you get tired you could sit and rest without having to worry about dirtying your clothes. You’ll continue down this path until you start to see the United States Court House, you will be getting close to the end of Cadman Plaza park. Upon reaching the exit, if you turn and look behind you, you’ll see two statues of two ladies. This is a perfect example of man made beauty.

Upon exiting the park you’ll be on Tillary Street. You’ll walk down toward the post office. The building looks very old and doesn’t look like a modern day post office. This is another perfect example of man made beauty. You’ll climb the steps and walk near the post office doors. Here you’ll see beautiful stonework and very intricate details most post offices don’t have. You can stop to admire the nice beautiful arches and pillars. The building itself makes you think you’ve traveled back in time, toward the Roman era.

While coming toward the end of the steps, you’ll eventually reach Johnson Street. Here you’ll be heading into Columbus park. Near the entrance you’ll see two statues of a old man and two kids playing around him. Their in this bushy area with flowering buds on them. It gives off a calming feeling. You’ll continue down till you reach these little red houses/shacks. The houses give off a nice vibrant shade of red. At this time of year people will be selling things for the holidays, so have money ready in case something catches your eye. You’ll continue walking until you start to see the Supreme Court on the left. Next to the court has a tall pillar with a statue of a man on it. The man looks as if he’s posing for a picture. A little past the court is Borough Hall. It has beautiful pillars that look like they came from ancient Athens. Toward the back is a kind of tower with a clock right in the middle. It makes you think you took a trip to London itself. On the roof of the tower is a gold statue of a woman, making you think its some sort of goddess reaching for the sky. In front of Borough Hall is a fountain that usually has water flowing, but because of the time of year its dry. You can still stop and admire the nice designs.

Lastly you’ll walk down Court Street. Since its nearing the holidays, most stores are dressed up. If you look off into the horizon you’ll notice a tall tower belonging to a chapel. You’ll walk toward it until you reach Joralemon Street. Turn there and walk toward the tall building with a lot of windows. You’ll start to see places where you could buy food. You can either stop in a Shake Shack or Panera Bread. If you want to go cheap you can go to McDonalds or Burger King. After appeasing your hunger you can head straight to class.

This route takes you to beautiful places, both natural and man made. You’ll see things that catches your eyes and many shades of color. You can enjoy a nice quiet walk through the park or go shopping. You have places to sit and relax or a nice wide place to run around. You’ll enjoy the nice foods. Taking the same route everyday can be very boring, especially if it doesn’t have anything interesting about it. If you take this chance and make a detour you won’t regret it.

The Route

The Pitch Draft