What if you could choose between the fastest route and the most beautiful – Summary & Reflection


In Atlantic City Lab’s article “What if you could choose between the fastest route and the most beautiful” was an experiment to see how people consider the route in London whether it happy, quiet, beautiful, or natrual. The Lab researchers asked participants to decide which route will give them a unique feeling by selecting a pair of pictures of locations in London. While researcher gathers the data, they will also calculate what kind of the factors can affect people’s feelings, such weather, time. As a result, researcher can provide a precise route to the different people. In the end of the article, researchers also gathers information from Flicker, which is a photo sharing site that will help researcher to optimize the experiment. The data collected will help the researchers develop an interesting mobile app that soon could be interesting to use.


After I read the article, I believe the experiment is very thought out and intresting. The researchers try gather people’s emotion and calculate the unpredictable factors to make the mobile app as perfect as possible. In addition, I believe if I had the chance to choose which route will impact me the most, I will definitely take them. For me, repeating my route in every single day is very dull, I would rather spend little of my time to see something new. That mobile app will give each day different feeling, and that could change a persons attitude to life.