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This article really piqued my interest because it discusses whether people prefer to take the fastest route or the most beautiful route to your destination. It also explained people points on what they though were beautiful. It talks about how they want to make an app that would help people choose between the fastest or beautiful route. I would definitely buy an app like this because the ones we use now only tell us the fastest routes. These routes usually tend to be boring. They conducted a survey through flickr to find out answers to their questions. The people chose from the quietest routes to the prettiest routes. Through flickr the survey got sent to Boston.

I believe the answer to their question depends on the situation. If I’m running late then I would definitely choose the fastest route, but if I have time to waste then I wouldn’t mind enjoying the scenery. My definition of a beautiful route would be a nice place with trees or nice buildings and it would have to be clean. I wouldn’t mind the loud noises, but if its a place with no noise then that place would be heaven.

Reflection & Summary of the reading, “What If You Could Choose Between the Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful?”


In the reading, “What If You Could Choose Between the Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful”, from the Atlantic CityLab, tests out if people enjoy walking in a more beautiful, happy, & quieter route or a more shorter route. It states that the participants that volunteered this experiment was shown two pictures of the location of London, which was the “test city”, had to choose which was more beautiful, happy, or quiet. But the more of them that picked between the pictures, it was altogether a general agreement. Using that, they had to have judges that were familiar with London to test it out. But it was all depending on what the weather or time of day to walk on those routes (beautiful, happy, shortest, or quiet) and they simply took pictures of the route they were on instead of walking. So, that information proved that the photosharing site Flickr, owned by Yahoo!, was good alternative  for everybody.


My Preference/alternative for a route that is not the shortest would be able to see more nature or greener scenery to make feel calm and peaceful. Seeing more in the route you choose would make the trip more interesting and not a waste of time. Make time for just a stroll somewhere that can make you feel lighter or stress free. I noticed that people love to see new, beautiful, historic things around them. It’s fun to watch actually. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying walking every since I was able to stand on my two little feels. I don’t care about how far or how long it would be for me to, but if someone was with me, they would be asking me questions over and over of where we’re going, how far is it, why do we have to walk so much, we can go this way. It’s annoying. Mostly throughout my life, I walked alone to places I want to clear my mind when I’m stressed or angry. Like walking around nature is the best and long route to do. You could be walking around in circles for hours and didn’t even know it because your just focusing on the surroundings than the time. It helped me with  my struggle with depression years ago (makes me show old even though I’m 19 years old) and it can helps others as well. I think I’m rambling.

Class 7: focus on Project #2

Today, in addition to continuing to talk about Colson Whitehead’s “City Limits” and his earlier version, “The Way We Live Now,” and summary, and revision, and brainstorm about Project #2, let’s also look at a visual text. Here are two versions of Saul Steinberg’s “View of the World from 9th Avenue”:

Let’s think about how this map compares to those we looked at or drew for our walks, and how it relates to Project #2, to Whitehead’s ideas, and to our experiences as New Yorkers.