project #4 the pitch:

The route will begin from court street train station in Brooklyn and the end point will be at city tech college on Jay street. It starts from court street train station walk towards Henry street where there’s a lot of stores which no one would notice because you can’t see them from a distance. Once your on Henry street you can then make a turn to the left and it will take you to resend street continue walking down Henry street and it goes to joralemon street keep walking straight down Henry street and until you reach Atlantic ave you made a left while you walk on Atlantic ave you see restaurants, stores, deli, and clothing stores. Walk on Atlantic ave until you reach Clinton street you make another left and walk straight like a block or two and make a right to Livingston street and court where there’s more stress and much more busier so you walk along court street to borough hall where the 4 and 5 train pass by and walk down borough hall until you reach the restaurant shake shack and you walk on the left side of the restaurant and now it’s pearl street then you make a left interlock and you walk through a little path  and make a left on Jay street and walk to city tech.

Even thought it sounds like a lot of turns or a bit confusing it would be a nice walk to take whenever you have 10-15 mins for yourself.  The first spot that stood out to me was one of the building I saw that look different than the others on the same block. It was much bigger and the Way it assaulted made it stand out more the color was a bit dark but it stood out the most to the building looks so fancy. Something about just stood out to me. I think it was just the way it looked and how it was built I said to myself wow I wish I can live there out of all the houses I saw. This was remsen street

The others place that stood out to me was on Henry street and jeralemon street it was a pretty long block with houses next to each other but what caught my eyes was the color of the buildings. They were some what different than each other. Most of the time you see buildings of the same style or the same color. Even thought most of them where sort of the same style the color made it look different and it looks nice when you see it at daylight because if you think about it when it’s dark you really can’t see the colors. It caught my attention because its something different from when I walk around my neighborhood.

Another place that stood out to me was building g on court street I Think it was the tallest building on the left side of court street I think McDonald’s is on that side. It stood ostoo out to me because I don’t think people realize that building is there unless if you look up and wander around like I did. I usually walk pass by like a couple of times and never noticed that building. It stand out to because it’s the tallest and it’s unique from the other building. It sort of looks like steps going up to the sky. The way it was formed was really interesting.

Most of the time as we are in a hurry to get to school or to work we never take some time and prayed to be like tourist and explore and learn about our surroundings. May be doing that already one day and just take a quick 10 min walk when the weather is nice out feels better. It’s actually worth talking the walk on a nice day I don’t think someone would want to be indoors of the weather is really nice outside. There’s a lot of things out there that you might not know its there but because we haven’t had time to pay attention to it as much as we do in our busy lives. Wouldn’t you want something that attracts you and interest you on your walk. you wouldn’t want to see the same buildings repeatedly it gets boring. I would be nice to see a building that was built differently than just bricks layered on top of each other and after all its just a tall flat building.




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  1. I thought this was pretty straight forward in what your you want the reader to focus on during the route to me as i read it. But i think there’re some things in each paragraph that need to be fixed/corrected to make it more clear for me to read. I suggest to point out what your trying to find on this walk in the beginning of the essay or in the introduction and also a thesis statement to make the reader know what you writing about. There should be more “convincing” sentences to reel the reader in. I’m not saying that it wasn’t that good of convincing me to go on this route, but i want to know why should i go on the route? why would those buildings stand out to me? will i need to see anything see? so many why questions and i know you can answer them all with more description.(i know thats sort of hard to do but i know you can do it) I really liked the directions and the last paragraph though 🙂

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