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Project#5 Draft : Gallery Catalogue Entry

Imagine standing in front of a painting or sculpture of lovers. and you’ve been staring at it for a while but not reading the note from the artist describing it for you. Suddenly you gasp an “oh” for the idea you finally get. So you think the art work is showing a quiet and peaceful moment between the two lovers and you found that to be the true meaning. But then another person comes next to you  and observes as well. He says “oh” and shares with you what he sees. He says that the lovers are experiencing their first departing moment and saying their last goodbyes. You become puzzled and stare at it again. You try to see what he’s seeing but you can’t. You share with him your thought and he looks back at the image. He doesn’t see that. Both of you would stare at it at the same time but won’t get the same idea because you two are sticking with the meaning you got from it.

My main focus in my Humument is to send a message or propose a meaning of how we as artist see things in different perspectives from just looking at something. We all have that one idea in that one thought in our heads of what the image is portraying.

In this piece the words I put together were,

“Of all the pictures, perfectly true,  meant life and soul, touched you. She probably not seen it which meant different title, some words seeming strange like yours”

To break down the sentence, ‘Of all the pictures’ represents the images/paintings/etc. that you’re looking at. Then, ‘perfectly true’ means the perfectly created in it’s own way. Next, ‘meant life and soul’ shows the description of the pictures and ‘touched you’, that it had a emotional connection those you. ‘She probably not seen it which meant different title’, as in how different the other person will see or feel as the image that is in front of them and how the person won’t know what your seeing. Finally, ‘some words seeming strange like yours’, that means your meaning will seem confusing towards that person and his/her meaning will do the same to you.

Honestly at first your going to think about the sentence and wonder what it means. Basically, just remember what I said in the beginning and then reread the sentence. Basically it’s saying that even if your looking at something, your eyes will guid you to see what is the truth of what your staring at. But other’s won’t be able to see what your seeing because they have different ideas/meanings for it. So, it would be confusing for both you and the other’s. Everybody is different in trying to reveal the true meaning. But i’m saying this in the artist point of view when they observe a picture.


Project #2: rough draft

As a fresh New Yorker, I think I’m not deeply know this mystery city. So for me, the old New York City is more like a dream place that appeared in my mind which is sleepless, busy and fancy. But when I came here, what I’ve seen are totally different from my mind.
As a foreigner, every information I’ve got from books, movies and internet, but for some reasons, they’re so limited because I cannot see the real color of the sky, I cannot stand on the top of the empire Building to enjoy the night view of this fantastic city, I cannot walk through the Brooklyn Bridge to feel relax. The best way for me to well-know this fabulous city is movies which can give me visual information to feed my thirst. When you have a dream destination where you really want to go, you’ll add your expectation on there. So do I. Compared with my hometown, I thought New York City is more colorful, especially the Times Square, never lightless and there is a great bridge called Brooklyn Bridge. Be honestly, I barely knew the information about the New York City before, I even didn’t know New York isn’t representing the New York City. I didn’t know anything about that five boroughs. I felt like everyone in New York City is rich and happy. There might have a department sent money to people. I forgot the reason why I thought like this, but those are what I considered New York City before.
As a fresh New Yorker,the first thing I’ve done when I came this dream destination that was jumping on the floor.” Finally,I’m here.” I talked to myself. I was a little disappointed about this wonderful city truly. The subways are dirty and busy. People are from all over the world, and not everyone is rich and happy here, not everybody gets free money from somewhere, they work. The New York City is the best place to teach me “No pain, No gain.” People get support from their hands. However, The new New York City is more powerful and alive than what existing in my imagination because people offer alive elements to the city, like Colson Whitehead said, you are the part of New York because you witness it and join in. Those different cultural diffusion makes today, the new New York City. I realized that I’m here to know the city much deeper than I knew it on books or other media. I’ve found that Times Square is not the only place to feel modern, I cannot see stars at night, but the sky is really beautiful, 34th is not the only place to buy beautiful and fashion clothes, Chinatown isn’t the only place that Chinese live in. For me, those are elements that consist of the new New York City.
“New York will go on without us.” Building your own New York City by your unique eyes.

Reference: Colson Whitehead, “City Limits.”from the Colossus of New York.