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Project #5 Gallery Catalogue Entry

This art work is worked by Xiaocen Jiao. The work is about a girl who struggle with her life and justice. People around her spread gossips which are counterfeit.  However she’s a person whose rather to die instead of obeying her principal. The Author is trying to build a great woman to irony those people who like whispering gossips. Unfortunately,  the girl finally uses death to show her innocent. This art work is inspired by Humument, Tom Phillips, working based on Core Unashamed, Langston Hughes.

People like to hear news, but the distance between news and gossips maybe just several adjectives. Lucy started to be a target in neighborhoods’ mouths since she was in her mother’s body. The reason is because she didn’t have a father. Her mother Jane was pregnant without a marriage. Actually, her father died in a war without a body. Her mother looked Lucy as a bright pearl because she’s the only thing that her father left to her mother. They used to love each other so deep. At the beginning, when Lucy’s mother moved in to this small town, people are wondering her background and her charming soulmate,  Lucy’s father Harry. Half year later, the war started. Harry had to leave. That’s the beginning of the tragedy. No one knew it because Jane thought that’s the duty for a man scarfing for the country. Some people said Harry fell in love with another girl. When they received the message about Harry’s death, but didm’t find a body, some started to say Harry was a deserter. At this time, Jane had been pregnant for several months, then people realized that the reason Harry left was because “he didn’t want to be a father “or “the baby was belonging to someone else.”

Bad news always has wings. When Lucy was born in this tiny town, she became one of those two victims by gossips. She was a good girl as always, but in some people’s words, she was the underbred girl without father’ which is unfair for her. At the age of going to school, if some kids lost their stuffs,” must be Lucy stole.”; if Lucy got grade A, ” must cheat on others. ‘ However, in this horrible situation, Lucy became more and more honest and brave because she knew the hurt of gossip that she’d suffered. She was just trying to insist her innocent, but finally she chose death because the power of rumor. She thought if death is the only way to make people realizing that they have been wrong, she would do it. In the end, the death was deserved. People were ashamed. You won’t believe the power of rumor, but you have to admit people like to exaggerate the truth to catch audiences attention.

This piece just a part of a story, but Xiaocen want to express that the truth is more precious. Please don’t spread things you are not sure or you know it’s not true, because it may hurt someone. So in this piece, Xiaocen just created a half face of Lucy because another side of the face was Lucy living in other people’s words. Xiaocen’s work is trying to inspire you think about what you should say before you say it. Words are also a cruel weapon that kill people without blood.




1:  stretched out with face on the ground in adoration or submission; also  :  lying flat

2:completely overcome and lacking vitality, will, or power to rise

3. trailing on the ground

This word from Cora Unashamed by Langston Hughes. “All the family dressed in deep mourning. Mrs. Art was prostrate.”  This is a scene that on the funeral of Mrs. Art’s daughter. She shows like very weak and depressed. I’ve learned this word before, but forget some parts of its meaning, 




1 a.not allowing entrance or passage; impenetrable

b. not capable of being damaged or harmed

2not capable of being affected or disturbed

I ‘ve learned this word from Merriam-Webster, Word of the day, on Dec 07. At the same time, I’ve also learn several prefix, like im- which means opposite, per- means though, via means way.

Project 4….

With the development of society, the speed of people’s lives are becoming more and more rapid. So in order to make people feel about their lives are beautiful and colorful, make people be more interested in their route, not just one place to another, our group is intending to create an Aesthetic Map which helps you to know how abundant are surround you life. Maybe just take a couple of minutes detour, probably will change your definition of “the route to home”. Speaking of aesthetic map, today, we are focusing on three key words to explore our aesthetic route to home. They’re natural, crowded and great structures. Usually people like choosing the shortest way to achieve their goal which is opposite with our goal exactly. So we make a detour as an example that starts at City Tech to the subway stop, Jay St Metro Tech.

Going out of City Tech, usually, people like to take a right and directly go to the subway stop, but today we suggest turn left to explore a happiest route. The crossroad between Jay St and Tillary St is kind of wide so that you have to pay attention on those two traffic lights because they turn to red really fast. There is a safety island located on the middle of the crossroad. People stand on the island may work in different kinds of jobs. They may work for the strictest boss in the world, full of disappointments in hearts; or a student who is preparing for SAT examination anxiously. People stand on the smallest island in the world and watch the stream of traffic with different stories. However, just 3mins standing on the island, a feeling of peace will flow in your heart. You see cars come and leave, like those unexpected things, finally, they’re all going to leave. Everything will be fine. Simple and right. After a purification of the heart, then make one more left and walk straightly to the end of Cadman Plaza, after that, you’ll find the Cadman Plaza Park at your right hand where is a yellow ocean right now. When you walk in, you’ll hear a sound made by your steps and leaves fell from trees. Also, there are some kids play at the park sometimes who offer you pure smiles which are counted as a bonus for you.

After Cadman Plaza Park,  walking along Cadman Plaza W St, you’ll find another park, the Columbus Park. Different from Cadman Park,  several kinds of flowers are planted in the park. There is a statue of Beecher who was one of giants of anti-slavery movement in 19th Century in US. The government planed to close the park, but as a public space, it still there today must has a special fascination to exist. More interesting thing is, there is a market in front of the park and called Greenmarket.  The market only open on Tues, Thurs and Sat from 8am to 6pm. In the market, vegetables, cake and other daily supplies are sold. Deserved to be mentioned is everything in here is from farm or homemade which is healthy and fresh. With the decoration of vintage Borough Hall Subway Station, the market makes the street more like a small town in the movie. Even though outside is cold, but those sellers still bring the most fresh stuffs to you. They make the street warm.

We are almost at the end of natural journey, next we’ll go and find some great buildings. The Borough Hall should be on the detour list,  speaking the great of the Borough Hall, on the top of the building, there is a golden woman standing there with a balance and a wand which represent justice and equity. The style of the building is kind of a traditional government building, a triangle roof with six columns at the bottom. Standing at the corner of the street and watching the whole building, you’ll be attracted by building because it releases ancient but amazing charm. It gives you a impression of serious and you’ll feel like that’s the feeling of justice. Have you ever thought these elements that suppose far away from you, but actually you just pass by everyday? Don’t be surprise, still have something waiting for you!

As we keep walking along court St, we’ll welcome the most crowed,noisy and fantastic Street, Court St. Lots of stores are selling plenty kinds of stuffs, different from the market in front of Columbus Park, stores on Court St are selling manufactured products, from cosmetics to shoes, from lollipop to beer. You can buy anything you want.  Furthermore, with the sunset, the neon lights like a guide that direct you the way to home.  At the end of Court St which is also Fulton St, after you enjoy your fantastic route, you might feel a little bit tired, don’t worry, next destination is your final stop, your lovely home. The only thing you have to do is taking the right train and have a rest.

In the end, to decelerate our aim once again, we are trying to find an effective way to make your route more colorful and abundant instead of just a place to another place. Don’t worry about you cannot find a beautiful view, finally you’ll realize that the city is huge enough that you’ll get your ways diversely; the city is small enough that you’ll find the most amazing things just right on your side. To make your way more meaningful and beautiful, why don’t you find out the keywords firstly, go around and make a detour, or build an aesthetic map which could help you explore your life abundant.