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Project #4: The Pitch

New York City is always know for its big and busy reputation. There are bustling street corners and noises at almost every corner you turn to. It is so often we actually get the chance to walk leisurely around the city we all know and love. For some, their walks are random, for others, there is a certain route that they know best, what if you had the opportunity to choose the most beautiful route, that took you where you needed to go, but provided an aesthetically pleasing view to accommodate your trip? With this app, that opportunity is finally here.

Let’s use a special area in downtown Brooklyn for example. We’ll use the Clinton and Washington stop on the c train. Now, if your destination was say, NYC college of technology and instead of class you just want to head to the library to print out a couple papers this is no problem for you. As you get off Clinton and Washington you find yourself in the fort Greene area, you first pass my the fort Greene park, where you’ll see those beloved turtle statues and enough trees to make you feel like you’re on field day. There’ll be children playing and parents and nannies discussing current events to pass the time. Then, as you go down Fulton street you begin to see old houses, a multitude of hipsters and some promising restaurants, you witness the famous habana outpost, notorious for their solar powered lighting and delicious corn.

Before you start heading around Fulton street, you come across houses older than your mom and for a second you almost have to stop yourself to ask where you are. Are you still in the city? two more blocks and it will all come back to you. As you walk further down you become more familiar with the area, as you begin to see more stores and people, now that you’re back in Fulton street, you can finally head to city tech! You have enough mental photographs to inform your friends of the route and let them in on the journey.

Of course you could have easily just taken the c to Jay st Metrotech and called it a day. For many that’s the usual ritual. But if you want an experience that will not only get you where you need to go, but it’ll help you get there in a way where the visuals you saw will provide you with new ideas and inspirations. Whether it be getting the best corn in the area with friends, or looking for a spot to clear your head in, you know exactly where to go because of this app.


Ombudsmen - noun

Definition: continuous observation of a place, person, group, or ongoing activity inorder to gather information


Encounter:¬†I encountered this word when I reading the article “New Bird Flu Strain Reaches Europe” in November¬†27, 2014

Understand: ¬†The word is used when Ian DouglasÔľąthe head of the FAO‚Äôs Crisis Management Center for Animal Health) said ‚ÄúThere‚Äôs much more work that‚Äôs done in the lead-up to that and, in part, this is involving better detection, better surveillance and good laboratory diagnostic techniques” which refer to a action. After I search this word in the dictionary, my prediction is correct which refer to the word “surveil.”



Source: Google

Zany- amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic

2. One who acts the buffoon to amuse others

When I first saw this word in the text ” A picture of language ” I had a little bit of an idea of what it may have meant. It stated, ” If you weren’t taught to diagram a sentence, this might sound a little zany”. Now that I have researched this word I have a better understanding of what it was conveying. However, the numerous definitions such as the second one provided, made it a little confusing as to which one properly fits the text. Obviously now I realize that the first one makes the most sense.

project #4 the pitch:

The route will begin from court street train station in Brooklyn and the end point will be at city tech college on Jay street. It starts from court street train station walk towards Henry street where there’s a lot of stores which no one would notice because you can’t see them from a distance. Once your on Henry street you can then make a turn to the left and it will take you to resend street continue walking down Henry street and it goes to joralemon street keep walking straight down Henry street and until you reach Atlantic ave you made a left while you walk on Atlantic ave you see restaurants, stores, deli, and clothing stores. Walk on Atlantic ave until you reach Clinton street you make another left and walk straight like a block or two and make a right to Livingston street and court where there’s more stress and much more busier so you walk along court street to borough hall where the 4 and 5 train pass by and walk down borough hall until you reach the restaurant shake shack and you walk on the left side of the restaurant and now it’s pearl street then you make a left interlock and you walk through a little path ¬†and make a left on Jay street and walk to city tech.

Even thought it sounds like a lot of turns or a bit confusing it would be a nice walk to take whenever you have 10-15 mins for yourself.  The first spot that stood out to me was one of the building I saw that look different than the others on the same block. It was much bigger and the Way it assaulted made it stand out more the color was a bit dark but it stood out the most to the building looks so fancy. Something about just stood out to me. I think it was just the way it looked and how it was built I said to myself wow I wish I can live there out of all the houses I saw. This was remsen street

The others place that stood out to me was on Henry street and jeralemon street it was a pretty long block with houses next to each other but what caught my eyes was the color of the buildings. They were some what different than each other. Most of the time you see buildings of the same style or the same color. Even thought most of them where sort of the same style the color made it look different and it looks nice when you see it at daylight because if you think about it when it’s dark you really can’t see the colors. It caught my attention because its something different from when I walk around my neighborhood.

Another place that stood out to me was building g on court street I Think it was the tallest building on the left side of court street I think McDonald’s is on that side. It stood ostoo out to me because I don’t think people realize that building is there unless if you look up and wander around like I did. I usually walk pass by like a couple of times and never noticed that building. It stand out to because it’s the tallest and it’s unique from the other building. It sort of looks like steps going up to the sky. The way it was formed was really interesting.

Most of the time as we are in a hurry to get to school or to work we never take some time and prayed to be like tourist and explore and learn about our surroundings. May be doing that already one day and just take a quick 10 min walk when the weather is nice out feels better. It’s actually worth talking the walk on a nice day I don’t think someone would want to be indoors of the weather is really nice outside. There’s a lot of things out there that you might not know its there but because we haven’t had time to pay attention to it as much as we do in our busy lives. Wouldn’t you want something that attracts you and interest you on your walk. you wouldn’t want to see the same buildings repeatedly it gets boring. I would be nice to see a building that was built differently than just bricks layered on top of each other and after all its just a tall flat building.




project #4

As you walk around the neighborhood you song just want to walk and just look at the ground and listen to music or just walk looking straight forward and see what is ahead of but you want to take time and explore a little more of your surrounding. You might want to focus on trees the figure of a true and how it’s different the size or how it was formed. We do t usually walk anywhere for any reason most of us probably walk a route where its more peacefully and very quite and there’s rarely people around. Some might walk a route where it’s less crowded and the most shortest walk especially cold weather like now. Others might like a route differently with a lot more crowded areas and more traffic it may be because they don’t want to get home so quick. But it’s different for everyone. But on my route I want to focus more on the architecture of a building and the colors. ¬†It took me about 15-20 minutes for this walk because I was Wallington because I was waiting for my nextclassto start and I didn’t mind d the weather I like the cold.

Project #4: The Pitch

There’s so much to discover out there everyday. You walk the same old route back and fourth everyday, why not take a detour for once and possibly find a new place of your interest? Let’s say you’ve got nothing to do after school and you’re in no rush at all to go home. Get to know the area you travel to more well. Take my ¬†route that takes you through a lot of different stores from food to clothes shopping and even seeing some beautiful areas along the way. This route is from City Tech to the A, C, and G subway station at Hoyt and Schermerhorn street. You never know when you’re going to have to get off of the train at a different stop,. Discover new places and try to get out of that well known crowded area of Jay Street MetroTech.

Once you exit City Tech, take a right and walk down Jay Street. You’ll be walking¬†through that crowded area of Jay Street MetroTech. Crossing the street as you see the Marriott building you’ll notice a plaza area. This area isn’t usually too crowded, so you can take a nice stroll through it. It’s very beautiful around this time of year because it’s decorated for Christmas. You can find several food places here if you want to grab something to eat before you go home. There’s places such as StarBucks, Chipotle, Five Guys and even more. If you walk into the plaza you’ll see all of those and across from Five Guys there’s a huge Christmas Tree that looks amazing! It’s not as big, or well decorated as the one in Rockefeller Center but it definitely did remind me of that as the huge tree is in the middle of this area. ¬†Right behind the tree you’ll notice a work of art that actually changes every few months. In that area you may notice how at this time of year all of the trees around the donated piece of art have no leaves at all and it’s very interesting to see. You can sit down at the benches in this area if you want to relax or if you’ve gotten yourself a snack or you can sit outside at one of the tables from the store you went to. This is just another extra detour if you would like to appreciate some art work and beauty around your area and even find a place to eat. After this you can continue your journey, walking back to the subway station and walking down Jay Street once again.

As you’re walking down Jay Street you’ll pass by many food places. A lot you’ll recognize such as Subway or Dunkin Donuts. So there is even more food options!¬†If you’re feeling like trying something new ¬†or going to a place that’s not so well known, there’s tons of cafes and restaurants along the route! One happens to be on Smith Street which you’ll walk straight into as you’re walking down Jay Street, it’s called Apollo Diner. Once you’re through Jay Street and have walked into Smith street the crowds are gone and it’s much nicer in an emptier area.

Walking down Smith Street you’ll walk past a car parking service that you can’t miss because of the huge sign and the appearance of cars stacked up. You’ll come upon Schermerhorn Street on your left and walk down there, and as you do the main thing you’ll most likely focus on is a tall glass building! It’s not like anything in Manhattan but it sure will catch your eye. The architecture of the different buildings on this route is definitely an interesting aspect. Now if you all of a suden realize that you’ve got to rush home for something, no worries because there’s several different entrances to the same Subway station, though this will take you to the last one on Hoyt so you can see all of the stores! There are many Cafe’s and restaurants that you’ll notice along here. The buildings on Schermerhorn seem to be mostly stone but you’ll come across two tall glass buildings, one of which was right as we turn. It is really interesting to see the different buildings, and how they even varied in size. The stone buildings along Schermerhorn street look more class in a way and less modern which is not bad, it’s interesting to see older styled buildings especially when you can compare it to more of modern day buildings directly across the street! This walk is much more peaceful because it isn’t crowded at all and you can take your time to actually notice the different buildings and all of the stores. Eventually after 2 blocks down Schermerhorn street you’ll find the subway station for the A, C, and G trains. Right next to it is also a Goodwill so if you’ve got time you can even go shopping there.

This route takes you from beauty and peaceful relaxing areas to areas that you can discover new things, and new places to visit. You can find new food stores, clothing stores, and a lot more! This route really has a little bit of everything at some points, but it mainly takes you into a much less crowded and less noisy area to walk through. You can find your happiness if you take a new route, even with the smallest change.

Project 4: Thoughtful Assessment

In Project 4, I believe the color experiments are very useful to help us understand the concept of hues. We can change colors by adding other colors, and we also can change the value on colors. By doing color experiments, each colors that being transformed can create a different feeling to people. In the final step for project 4, we used all concepts from colors and put them on Swiss poster. In the end, each poster will have different layers of colors such as chromatic gray, muted color, and prismatic color. As a result, the poster can make a strong contrast with the color, but also carry out the purpose of the poster which attempts¬†to relate to people’s emotion. Overall, project 4 taught us how to use colors into a more creative way, so people have unusual¬†emotions when they see colors in life.

Project #4 Aesthetic Mapping: The Pitch

Brooklyn if you walk around the neighborhood, you’ll encounter many lovely places.¬†However, the question is what influences people to choose the path they decision to walk on? Many ideas come to a person’s mind when choosing a path, it can come from using your five senses.¬†¬†If you walk in the streets of Brooklyn you’ll get to see areas full of crowd people and as well as lonely places. I understand the people who choose to walk in crowded places, there you’ll see a lot of commercial areas toward the nearest subway. You get to see buildings toward being able to smell different kinds of food. However, there are ¬†people who walk in lonely areas. The feeling of stress that puts people to walk along lonely areas. The sign of freedom that makes people joy of being lonely or being with someone to just talk alone with.

There are many people who come visit ¬†Brooklyn, some just visit, some just moved here and others just work here. If those people¬†don’t know the area or just came out of work, they’re most likely people who’ll¬†fall for easy traps that led into crowded areas. People who¬†study around City Tech which is located in Jay Metro Tech station. They¬†walk straight from the campus point and straight into the train station. These people whose head are full of work, studies, and extra information won’t pay attention to anything but getting home. How about the people who have free time, they just walk to the store get food and wait till time flies. People shouldn’t just kill time, they should walk on these people lonely areas to realize the bad pain.¬†People can only experiences areas with loneliness, if people decided to walk areas with a calm senses. People can began by exiting out of city tech and heading up towards Johnson St and passing Adams st. Making a right people will see Cadman Plaza East and Tillary Street, there people will witness the Korean War Veterans Plaza. There people will see the park with not enough people to be bothering one another. In the Korean War Veterans Plaza, people just walk around there, you can feel the presents quietness of just being there. Its a small ahead that people can quietly sit around till all there ideas that pressure someone leave. Comparing the more crowded areas with here people get the feeling of lost in thoughts.

If Korean War Veterans Plaza isn’t the place to hang around people can find lonely areas ahead. There are more areas that people can enjoy, while walking people can continue there path though walking towards Clinton and Pierreport Street. From Pierreport street taking ¬†a right to Hicks street. In the area people will see varieties street that are lonely there, people can just walk in the area and look at the old buildings. The you can see the amazing architecture. People can walk around freely without bumping to someone anyone¬†can almost feel that they¬†own the street however there might be two or three people in the surrounding. ¬†While looking around the area, the people who enjoy architecture might draw sketches or take pictures that will help them better the area for the future or keep it the same for their projects.

While, people continue their walk they’ll want to find more places or if their tired want to find a resting place. People can continue walking up ¬†Hicks streets and up towards Orange Street till you reach Colombia Heights. There you will find a park named Fruit Street Sitting Area. It’s a small area in which you can view the city cross from Brooklyn, you can get a good view of the water, there you can see the back of statute of liberty and the beautiful city. If you need a resting place you can sit on the benches and stare at the great view. In the park there isn’t much people who can get someone mad, people walking by and other few people taking a view. For people to get their minds of ¬†they can draw, text people or listen to music to enjoy themselves.

After a long day, the tour ends and people have to return home.¬†Lonely areas help people gain confront from any situation they’re dealing. Being in crowd areas maintains people busy it¬†will¬†make people feel annoyed that everyone in your way. If you look at your right you’ll have someone who pushes you. If you look at your right someone just bumped you. If you look at your back someone accidentally is tripping you. If you look right in front of you someone who wasn’t looking at where they were going almost fell on you. Being busy doesn’t relax anyone, so they try to walk areas they’re going to walk lonely areas to try to avoid the crowd without making someone¬†have a headache. Taking lonely areas gets a person thinking less, sometimes lonely areas can take you the fastest way to avoid the crowded areas.