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a :  to cause to break up <police dispersed the crowd>

b :  to cause to become spread widely

c :  to cause to evaporate or vanish <sunlight dispersing the mist>

This word was encounter on Monday November 24,2014. The word is located in the toward the ending of the newspaper The sentence begins as  “1 As news of the decision spread, protesters surged forward, throwing objects at officers in riot gear. The sound of gunfire could be heard. 2 Police officers used tear gas and smoke to disperse people who were hurling rocks and breaking the windows of parked police cruisers. A vehicle was set on fire.3 At least a dozen buildings were set on fire around the city, many in the vicinity of Ferguson Market and Liquor, the store Michael Brown was in before he was killed by Officer Wilson.”

Meanwhile, reading the article, I had an idea what the word meant however, in order to make sure what the word was I was able to look it up. The word disperse was used to define the crowd as they were spreading widely.


Bulking- Noun or Verb

Definition: most of something : the largest part of something: the large size of someone or something

(Verb):  to cause to swell or bulge :  stuff

:  to gather into a mass or aggregate

This word was encounter in Monday November 24, 2014 which was presented in an online newspaper.  This word was shown in the middle section in a yellow box It was used as ” At this point it looked like he was almost  bulking up to run through the shots, like it was making him mad that I was shooting at him.”

In order to understand the word Bulking, I used the word in the sentence and the definition. I broke down the sentence in order to process the word. I believe the word used in the passage was used in a verb. The word bulking is being used as angry, the guy was angry for getting shot.


ENG Project#4 Part2: The Pitch

To start off saying, this route would be mostly focused on beauty. For the people who wants to explore and find the unexpecting secrets in Brooklyn. This route displays a walkable journey in Brookyln that differs from your everyday walks for you to explore something new & love what you see. So,  what I’m about to share with you now should be suggested to everyone that have the craving to find beauty in whatever weather from wherever you start.

Imagine being on the Brooklyn Bridge and wondered what does it look like from a distance that you can see all of it. The beauty of that massive structure[Brooklyn Bridge] will blow you away from just staring at it during  the night or in the morning, when the sun sets or rises. But I would recommend viewing it when it starts getting dark. You would say that you wouldn’t be able to see it in the dark. Well, of course you can. The light that flicker on top of it’s head and as the cars lights flashing on it’s body. You’ll be able to see it. Even with the lights from the buildings on both sides of the bridge will capture your eyes. As you stare in that perspective, you will think its flat and smaller from the distance your at. And you may ask where is the perfect spot to see the bridge at such a full view. That would be on the Manhattan Bridge. Its the best spot to see everything at the perfect height and distance. It’s not far from the Brooklyn Bridge at all. So, the route I chose to get to Manhattan Bridge won’t be a hassle, but seeing something new that i’ve enjoyed, you will enjoy as well.

I chose to go on a rainy day. Thats not the right weather to do such a walk for 15-20 minutes including stopping to see many things, but I’m that type of person that would go anywhere without caring if the weather is gloomy or not. Others should be that way as well to get to their destination. Anyway, it was starting to become dark which wasn’t that bad. Mostly your going to surrounded by Asian Culture, so, your going to be in ChinaTown. You want to see the amazing historical looking asian designs that they display outside of their buildings. Also, get to smell and see a lot of different variety of food you want to try or familiar to you. There’s so many markets that sell interesting fruits, bakeries with tasting looking treats and bread, cold or warm beverages from that I know that people would say, “I’m too exhausted to do all of that walking”, “I don’t have the time”, or “I’m too hungry and lazy”, and etc of so many excuses. I understand completely to those feelings because I can be like that as well. We’re all human, but it wouldn’t kill us to just take some time to walk somewhere and be sucked into it.

When you finally follow that narrow but bright path on the Manhattan Bridge, you will see graffiti on the ground and on other buildings. Different colors of graffiti everywhere as you walk and the view of the Freedom Tower in the distance. The lights of the cities that never sleep and the ant-sized looking, busy people that you can see strolling along. All you’ll hear is the roaring trains rushing pass. Might hear the honking of the cars but not as much. Then you’ll see the Brookyln  bridge in your sites. Stop and stare at it. During the night time, you can’t really see the details of the bridge but the ontline of it with the gray sky as its background which makes it stand out more. As your staring, your going to think that it looks like it’s a  painting, not real, with the water underneath it that looks so still and flat. Then having the dark sky and smoky clouds behind it makes the bridge stand out more. The one  word you would gasp to some up what you see is, “wow”. Thats just a guess of what you might say, but I know you’ll be amazed.  Having to see something that looks unreal makes the trip worth it. I think that walking later in the day and the change of weather made the sight better than going during the day. The Brooklyn bridge amazes the people that live within the city and outside of the city. People come all over to see the bridge and want to see the uniqueness and importance it portrays. Even according to the News report on NY1 at 7/07/2013, a large group of swimmers swam under the Brooklyn Bridge and had some positive comments about the experience. One swimmers says,”You look up and you see that you’re swimming user this beautiful bridge and it feels great. It’s a view that most New Yorkers don’t get a chance to see.” This quote proves that we have to try to look at this bridge in any angle as if we had to.

Therefore just think about beauty for a second and wonder if you can find it anywhere but at a different time or weather. I would force you to take this route but to become interested into it or think about it.   Won’t it be interesting? Won’t it be fun? I think it was and I know you’ll think so too.


Project 4: The Route

The route I walked was from High Street to CityTech. It includes the natural beauty of nature along with the man made beauty. It also has the many food places that a person could go if they should feel hungry. As you get off the A train at High Street you turn towards Middagh street. You then cross the street and go into the park. At the park you would see a memorial dedicated William Jay Gayner. The memorial is made out of stone with words engraved in it. From the memorial you would walk toward Cadman Plaza. Toward  your right and left you will see trees and many leaves on the ground. You will walk down the path with all the benches. As you continue you will see rows of trees to your right and left going off toward the horizon. If you stand in the middle look you will start to feel like your walking down a magical path. As you keep walking you will make a right toward the fields. Here you can enjoy the natural  green color of the grass as the sun shines upon it. You can see the the kids play and relax on the benches. From here you’ll continues straight. As you walking you should see the United States Court house. If you look at you should see the many windows and how the front in rounded off. As your nearing the exit of the park, you should turn around and you’ll see two statues of two ladies off in the distance. When you exit the park you will be on Tillary Street. You make a left and walk toward the post office. The post office is a good example of man made beauty. You’ll notice all the intricate details. The post office will remind of a old roman building, with its pillars and arches. As you walk on the post office steps you’ll meet Johnson Street. You’ll cross the street and then you would enter Columbus park. You’ll see a statue of a man with two children playing around him. You’ll continue straight until you see the bright red building. When the sun shines on them you’ll see a nice hue of red. As you pass the red buildings you’ll see the a big fountain. Past the fountain you’ll see borough hall. This is another great example of man made beauty. You’ll then make a right onto court street and walk down, until you reach Joralemon street. You’ll eventually start to see lots of fast food places. Places like Shake shack and Panera Bread are a good place to quell your hunger. From there you can continue toward CityTech. With your eyes appeased and your hunger sated, you can start your day at school.


The goddess on top the Athens building (Borough Hall)

The goddess on top the Athens building
(Borough Hall)

That glass building (Supreme Court)

That glass building
(Supreme Court)

The view from the middle of the road

The view from the middle of the road

All the kids playing in that big open field

All the kids playing in that big open field

The vibrant red house (shacks)

The vibrant red house (shacks)

The ladies watching as you leave the park

The ladies watching as you leave the park

The magical looking place.

The magical looking place.

The beautiful stone work with arches and pillars

The beautiful stone work with arches and pillars

Project#4 : the pitch

With the development of society, the speed of people’s lives are becoming more and more rapid. So in order to make people feel about their lives are beautiful and colorful, make people be more interested in their route, not just one place to another, our group is intending to make a new tool which helps you to know your surroundings well.Maybe just take a couple of minutes  detour. Speaking of aesthetic map, today, we are focusing on three key words to explore our aesthetic route, they’re natural, crowded and great structures.  So today’s detour starts at City Tech to the Jay St Metro Tech, the subway stop.

Going out of City Tech, usually, we take a right and directly go to the  subway stop, but today we turn a left to explore our happiest route. The crossroad between Jay St and Tillary St is kind of wide so that you have to pay attention on those two traffic lights because they turn really fast. There is a safety island right on the middle of the crossroad. You can stand on the smallest island in the world and watch the stream of traffic. You’ll feel peaceful in your heart. Then make one more left and walk straightly to the end of Cadman Plaza, after that, you’ll find the Cadman Plaza Park at your right hand where is a yellow ocean right now. When you walk in, you’ll hear a sound made by your steps and leaves fell from trees. Also, there are some kids play at the park sometimes who offer you pure smiles counted as a bonus for you.

After Cadman Plaza Park,  walking along Cadman Plaza W St, you’ll find another park, the Columbus Park. Different from Cadman Park,  Several kinds of flowers are planted in the park. More interesting thing is, there is a market in front of the park. In the market, vegetables, cake and other daily supplies are sold. With the decoration of vintage Borough Hall Subway Station, the market makes the street more like a small town in the movie. Even though outside is cold, but those sellers still bring the most fresh stuffs to you. They make the street warm.

We are almost at the end of natural journey, next we’ll go and find some great buildings. New York City Housing Authority’s Twin Parks West Day Care Center should be on the detour list,  speaking the great of the Center, on the top of the building, there a golden woman standing there with a balance and a wand.  The style of the building is kind of a traditional government building, a triangle roof with six columns at the bottom. Standing at the corner of the street, watching the whole building, you’ll be attracted by building because it releases ancient but amazing charm.

As we keep walking along court St, we’ll welcome the most crowed,noisy and fantastic Street, Court St.  Lots of stores are selling different kinds of stuffs, from cosmetics to shoes, from lollipop to beer. You can buy anything you want.  With the sunset, the neon lights like a guide to direct you the way to home.  At the end of Court St which is also Fulton St, after you enjoy your fantastic route, you might feel a little bit tired, don’t worry, next destination is your final stop, your lovely home. The only thing you have to do is taking the right train and have a rest.

In the end, to decelerate our aim once again, we are trying to find an effective way to make your way much happier. So depending on different person, they might have unique keywords. To make the way home more meaningful and beautiful, why don’t you find out the keywords firstly, go around and make a detour, or build an aesthetic map which could help you enjoy your route much effectively.

Aesthetic Mapping: The Pitch

You may have never walked down the streets of Pierrepont and Columbus Heights and I can assure you that you are missing out on some beautiful things. I believe my proposed walk would be very appealing to a lot of people because of the beautiful sights you can see on your way to the train station. I believe I have some great sights on my walk. My focus was mostly on buildings but there were also other aspects like beautiful trees on my walk. There will be a lot to catch the eye of a person who has an eye for architectural design. On my walk I see a beautiful post office whos architecture I believe would catch anybodies eye no matter what the aesthetic. My second sight is the residential area around Pierrepont and Columbus Heights. Each building looks pretty cool in there own way, and lastly I will speak on the beautiful sight on Columbus Heights between Orange and Cranberry streets. These streets have beautiful sights to offer, each sight has its own way of conveying a beautiful building in an unsuspecting area.
The post offices construction was five in 1891. Then in 1974 it became a national Landmark meaning it can’t be moved or changed now. The building was built in a Romanesque Revival makes for a beautiful building. Usually a post office would be a plain and boring place but this one will immediately catch your eye because of the way the building curves and protrudes out and over your head. The post office is also one point five acres and it looks like a Castle at first glance. If someone were to see the building for the first time they would not believe what the building was because it is that pretty to look at.
Secondly, the residential area of Pierrepont and Columbus Heights. The residential area is beautiful. A man while I was on my walk told me that most of the houses built in the area were built post Civil War. According to the Brooklyn Heights Association the neighborhood gives us a mix of old New York and the 21st century, juxtaposing the old and new. Whenever the old and new come together it makes for a great composition of anything.
Lastly, before the subject finally heads to the train station there is one last sight there is a space on Columbus Heights between Orange and Cranberry streets. Where the city and the bridge are in a perfect picture frame of New York. In all the other sights I knew what to expect. Before I came across this sight I was just expecting to see more post Civil war buildings in the residential area. When I came across this spot I believe I saw it at the best possible time, which is at night in the dark. When the sun is all the way down and each building and light post are shining their brightest lights and the juxtaposition of the Bridge and City makes a beautiful sight.
In conclusion, I believe that my walk is an appealing for many people. The beautiful sights of buildings in my walk were very appealing to look at. I think every subject no matter what the aesthetic will love this walk. There is so much to catch someone’s eye on my walk I think it will be impossible not to be happy. Although a lot of it has to do with architectural designs each aesthetic still has an eye for the simplicity of just Art and Beauty.

The pitch

Beauty and nature history can give a good mood, attracts you, easily left a deep memory in your mind. New York City is a very beautiful place, its beauty just need you to spend 10 minutes away to be found. This is a city where you live; you should know its beauty. But often you miss the beauty of it, because you lead a busy and tired every time, you select a destination to choose the shortest distance. The shortest route might be the fast way for you to get to your destination, but are you really happy about it In such a route where you will be bored and preoccupied with quickly reach your destination. But if you choose to walk a beautiful, make you have a good mood. And you might think that time is money, but money cannot buy a good mood. The good mood into work or study will make you more effective. For example, the detour from City Tech to Jane’s carousel, you will find that it is a pleasant journey.

The first stop is the penetration of Brooklyn War Memorial Park. There full of trees and flowers, the smell of fragrant flowers and trees, as if to let you get into the feel of nature. Most appeals to you in front of a flat rectangular green grass, where the most beautiful moment in the afternoon. The sun shines on this piece of sowing light green grass, a group of children playing on the lawn, and even some excitement in that baby learning to walk, even if the fall is not afraid, because of the warm grass to protect him. When you walk from the on-chip lawn, the sun shines on you and meadows. You also feel the warmth, as if this city and you embrace. With the child’s laughter and joy jumping efforts run the city will let you feel the power of laughter.

Next you will go through Old Fulton St/Elizabeth Pl place, this time the focus is on the ground of the road. This is not a flat road, the road is uneven gray stone mosaic pieces together, and rock and crevice of the rock is clearly visible. It looks very old. On this road there is a section of track, you would think this is a historical mark, which seems to take you into the history of the track, giving you endless reverie space. Here was now imagine what it is like; then to train what looked like; what is only a small part. When you carefully observe the tracks, you will find this track a line, which has several small pink footprints, although it looks very simple. But the details of the painting very well. Shoeprint was in front of very obvious, but gradually disappeared. You should Evening is the best time to go there, the golden sun shines on this road, just come from the front, this is so fantastic. On this old road, which makes you think this city is telling you that he had, but also arouse you to think about your ever.

The last point will bring you happiness; focus is that this is a gift shop door. This is not an ordinary gift shop gift shop because the furnishings have been carefully arranged. Through the transparent glass door and saw inside is colorful, a little shop hung a red light. Red gives you a feeling of warmth and happiness. And hung with colorful handmade paper-cut, full of gift shop stood. Vision through this glass door makes you feel every day seemed too festive. Festival is always giving the feeling of joy, so the store gives you a feeling of happiness.

New York is a city with non-stop action, because everyone is in a hurry to go to work or school come. Therefore we missed the beauty of the city, every little corner of the city are hidden beauty, just use a little time. The unknown workers whom we don’t know are working everyday to make a little declaration for this city. You will be able to enjoy it. I too understand the struggle we all have, you have work I have school. However a little time of yours on your way home can change the whole mood, therefore just use it wisely.

In conclusion some might say the shortest route is the best resolution to the destination. We can always spend a little extra time to enjoy the great vista of the city of Brooklyn. life is too short for us just come and goes, so why don’t we all enjoy it better?

IMG_0039 20121128231138_57610IMG_0050



Loubna: Announcements and Reminders

Some of the students that signed up for the Thursday registration workshop did not show up. If something occurred and you couldn’t make it last thursday, you can still reschedule your appointment and attend the workshop on either days.

Monday November 24th 10:15-11:15 am

Tuesday November 25th 1-2pm

Wednesday November 26th 2-3pm​

Please try your best to attend the workshop. It is very informative and will make you become more familiar with CUNYfirst. I understand that classes are closing at this point and most of you want to register ASAP. If you feel that you need to register now and need help before the workshops, I am willing to sit with you and help you register, but again, I strongly encourage you to attend the workshops even after registration.

For those of you who want to change your major, please contact your advisor ASAP and get the paperwork done quickly. The registrars office takes 3 business days for them to approve your paper and for you to be able to register for classes. Late registration is during January, but we don’t want to wait until that point.

Please contact me through email if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks

Project #4: The Pitch

One of the main purposes route is to give walkers a more dynamic and in depth relationship to the area that surrounds them and what it has to offer to make a persons walk, or even their day, more enjoyable. Currently, this route is best taken place during the Autumn season, but it is possible for the same route to have a different appeal to others in different times of the year. The following route from the train station from Borough Hall to the pier located near the Manhattan Bridge is meant for the sole purpose of creating an enjoyable walk for some, but perhaps not all that enjoy the cross over between nature and urban society.

The first section of the route that will begin to catch the walkers eye is the very beginning from Cadman Plaza around Columbus park, leading to the entrance of Cadman Plaza Park. The entrance itself is quite appealing at first sight with the orange tinted leaves on the trees that arc from the left and right side of the entrance, spreading out to the rest of the park and to the outside areas as well. Combined with the small urban structures of the benches and light posts, and it brings a welcoming sight to the walker coming through the park. Also the bright green that radiates from the center of the park really gives the area a value of color to the area, making it pop out to the walkers. This is just one of the three major points in the walk where urban society and nature join to create a wonderful sight, as walkers will begin to see this theme climax till they reach their destination.

The second area that becomes appealing to the walker is the half way point of the route, within the connection of Hicks street and Cranberry street. Through this section of the route, walkers will have a pleasant scenery of the colored leaves that line up through the street side by side with the houses. Whats so appealing about this section is how the trees blend right into the colors of the buildings that are right next to them. This combined with then yellow and green leaves that compliment the scenary and give it more color to create a pleasant area of interest for almost anyone’s walk. This is especially true going down Cranberry street, as it seems to be the perfect example for such a scenery between Urban society and nature.

The third and final area of the route that gives walkers a great appeal is none other than the destination itself which is the boardwalk itself located near the Manhattan Bridge. The view itself from the boardwalk speaks for itself, as it gives a fantastic view of both the ocean and the city of Manhattan which is right across from the walkers view point. And if the walker looks to their left from the pier, they have a small but decent view of the Statue of Liberty that can be seen from a distance. This view is best on a sunny evening, since the sunlight that reflects off the buildings, reflect into the water, giving the water more of a beautiful gleam to it, catching the eyes of many viewers. Not only that, but seeing the boats and fairies that pass along the water show how once again nature and urban society can cross paths, giving a meaningful viewpoint of anyone’s walk.

In conclusion, once again, the idea of this route was to not only give walkers a sence of enjoyment, but to show them the co-existence of nature and urban society today. Its somewhat like yin and yang, one cannot exist without the other. Only together will they create a balance between each other, giving meaning to something or someone. For a quick example, what if the view of the boardwalk did not have the buildings that are there now? it would still look nice yes, but it would seem a bit boring to look at after awhile. That’s why we have an urban society today, not only to give people a way of living, but to co exist with nature and what it has to offer versus what we have to offer to it in the co-existence we have today.