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Project #4: The Pitch

New York City is always know for its big and busy reputation. There are bustling street corners and noises at almost every corner you turn to. It is so often we actually get the chance to walk leisurely around the city we all know and love. For some, their walks are random, for others, there is a certain route that they know best, what if you had the opportunity to choose the most beautiful route, that took you where you needed to go, but provided an aesthetically pleasing view to accommodate your trip? With this app, that opportunity is finally here.

Let’s use a special area in downtown Brooklyn for example. We’ll use the Clinton and Washington stop on the c train. Now, if your destination was say, NYC college of technology and instead of class you just want to head to the library to print out a couple papers this is no problem for you. As you get off Clinton and Washington you find yourself in the fort Greene area, you first pass my the fort Greene park, where you’ll see those beloved turtle statues and enough trees to make you feel like you’re on field day. There’ll be children playing and parents and nannies discussing current events to pass the time. Then, as you go down Fulton street you begin to see old houses, a multitude of hipsters and some promising restaurants, you witness the famous habana outpost, notorious for their solar powered lighting and delicious corn.

Before you start heading around Fulton street, you come across houses older than your mom and for a second you almost have to stop yourself to ask where you are. Are you still in the city? two more blocks and it will all come back to you. As you walk further down you become more familiar with the area, as you begin to see more stores and people, now that you’re back in Fulton street, you can finally head to city tech! You have enough mental photographs to inform your friends of the route and let them in on the journey.

Of course you could have easily just taken the c to Jay st Metrotech and called it a day. For many that’s the usual ritual. But if you want an experience that will not only get you where you need to go, but it’ll help you get there in a way where the visuals you saw will provide you with new ideas and inspirations. Whether it be getting the best corn in the area with friends, or looking for a spot to clear your head in, you know exactly where to go because of this app.

BHS Field Trip Reflection

Our trip to the Brooklyn Historical society are up look deeper into the history of downtown brooklyn. On our way there we examined the shape and contrast of buildings, along with the plant life and significance of both. When we got into the historical society I was amazed at the primary resources and the care and safety put into preserving these documents. When I looked at a map of Brooklyn Heights from 1880 it was shocking to see the very few buildings that were in the area. As time progressed I began seeing more saturated and brighter colors in the maps, as well as more detail out into the monuments and buildings.

As we went downstairs to see the photo gallery IMG_6973Out of all the photos, this one had stuck out the most to me. The simple colors of the leaves paired with the shadow co-exist perfectly.

Summary & Reflection: Fastest or most Beautiful route

To have an app that tells you what would be the fastest route is a convenient tool. To have one that tells you which is the most beautiful route is more than convenient, but almost like a treat. In the article a survey was conducted a survey on the website “Flickr” to find out which routes were the most visually appealing, or more quiet and serene. People were asked whether they prefer to take the fastest route, or the more beautiful route, as well as asking them what they considered as a “beautiful route”.

Personally, if I am not on my way to school or work, I would definitely always take the most beautiful route. I enjoy seeing pretty things to make my travel a little easier. Things such as colorful lights or artwork, or even statues would make wherever I have to go a more fun experience.