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Project 5: Reflection

Project 5 was the last project of the semester. It was a project shared between our Eng 1101 teacher and our Adv 1100 teacher. I feel like I’ve learned a lot this past semester. I learned how to write proper essays and we even touched a little on public speaking. We learned the different formats we could use for an essay, along with how to summarize a piece properly. This project was very challenging because we had to do a 50 word post that explained our piece. That was hard because I kept going over the amount. I liked writing the catalog because of using the word I to describe myself , I had to put it in third person.  It was something that I never usually do. I felt like I was writing a short story. I feel like my writing has improved, because my vocabulary has improved. The glossary entries we needed to post really helped expand it.

Reaching the end of the semester, I feel like I accomplished something. My perspective has greatly improved. The many field trips we had really helped. If I were to compare my writing now to when I just started class , I’d see a great difference. I know that I still need more work on my writing, but I’m still happy I improved. I’d like to thank my awesome professor, Ms.Rosen for the patience she’s had with me and my late works. I know that its not a good habit to have in college but I’m still working on it. She was not only patient she also encouraged us to visit during her office hours to help with our essays. That really helped and I’m sure if she didn’t offer, I probably would not have gone. The idea of posting our homeworks online was awesome. At first it didn’t really make sense, but I got the hang of it. I really thought my first year of college would be really dreadful, but the way Professor Rosen taught, just blew the dread into the air. I feel like I could handle college a little better now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH PROFESSOR ROSEN!!!!!

Project 5: Reflection

For project 5, I have spent approximately one hour and half of the Gallery Note and the Gallery Catalogue. The Gallery Catalogue took me one hour and half for writing and editing. However, I didn’t receive many comments from my other peers, because we are rushing our time in the final week. In project 5, I still need to improve my grammar and supporting details. I hope I can receive more comments back if time is allowed, because I’m not sure am I supporting enough or the details are too lengthy. However, if without these details, it is not easy to explain the purpose of the artwork. The only thing I feel satisfied is I have chosen my favorite text and turned into a different meaning. The original text itself can be interpreted into many different meanings, and the artwork I have created is one of my interpretation of the text. However, I have some questions want to ask at the end if my classmates and professor have to time answer. Is there any sentence making confusion? Am I being too wordy or lacking strong supporting details? How can I make my introduction be concise and clear? These are the questions I want to ask if any of you have time to answer. Clearly, the Gallery Catalogue Entry provides me a chance to explain the original text and the purpose of my artwork.

Project #5: Reflection

After Completing Project Number 5, our final project in this semester,  I’ve learned a lot about writing and essay in a different format and perspective. I would have to say that this project was both one of the easiest and hardest projects i had to work on, mainly due to what i said earlier about writing in a different format and perspective. Although writing in a different perspective isn’t too difficult, writing an essay in a form of a Museum catalog was. It was something that i never attempted before, so naturally, i looked more into it and found a source on the internet that helped me organize my ideas when I was writing it. With the help of the outside source, it made the project a little bit more clear and easier. Overall i thought it was a rather interesting experience having to write a essay in such a format, also the fact that the final project was combined with the final project for our Adv1100 course, It has definitely improved my writing skills and showed me something new that was somewhat entertaining to do and think about.

Now that we have reached the end of the semester, i can look back on the writing i did from point A, and compare it to now, seeing that my writing skills have improved one assignment at at time. But there will always be room for improvement in the future, as i continue my route of understanding English writing and its various forms. I have to thank my amazing professor, Ms.Rosen for guiding our class for the first year, helping us understand these new techniques and ideas, along with the rest of the learning community. I really do believe that first year students can learn a lot from her and will move on to succeed in college just like the rest of us.


During the course of this semester, I feel that I have grown mentally as well as academically. I started college with high expectations as to how things would go. Over these view months my work process has improved because I have accomplished a new sense of discipline when it comes to completing assignments. As soon as a new project was assigned, I found my self brainstorming and planning out the timing and hours that I would have to devote to the work. There were numerous times that I had to turn down my friends on weekends because I knew that I couldn’t balance all of these things. I spent 2-3 hours a night writing out and revising work for the projects and asking questions where I found instructions confusing. I realized that college was nothing like high school because I would try to apply my self to my work, but still find it difficult to get an A. I was willing to re-work assignments that I felt had too low of a score because I wanted to start off my first semester with a high GPA. Somethings I think I can work on is adding more information when required, and using more descriptive language to help readers understand the text. I believed that I excelled at planning out and executing assignments in order to hand them in on time. I did a good job at answering all the questions asked,and following the guidelines that are provided. One thing I can tell my peers about my work, is that it will not stop improving over my college career because I know there’s always room for improvement.

Project# 2 Reflection

What I found the most difficult out of the project was finding a place that I could personally feel somewhat attached to and could write about as my personal New York. As for finding the Juxtaposition in the Metro tech area and that was pretty easy as many places easily felt out of place with Jay Street’s modern look. When it came down to it I found this project really fun, I was able to learn more about places that while a still familiar were still very foreign to me. Overall what I feel will need improvement is in quoting and using quotes as a means of support to my essays.

Project#2: Overlapping New York: Reflection

This is the second project we did for English 1101, the idea of the second project is to have an understanding a view and perspective of how New York is changing. For project two we are suppose to learn to think, view other than just reading an passage. Meanwhile,working on project two I recall spending  time on walking around City Tech, I manage to view differently between modern and older. Also, by applying Colson Whitehead’s idea presented in “City Limits” it help have a better understanding when writing the essay. New York is always changing and the meaning of juxtaposition describes the city differences between the old and new. The project will help us think about our daily life and how its constantly changing, how it will continue to change.

Project 4:Reflection

Upon doing project 4, I found myself having fun while doing my walk. I never would’ve believed that I would end up doing something like this. First of all I had to pick a route that I thought would have interesting things to see. Then I had to pretend to sell my route to others. I had to be as descriptive as my vocabulary would let me. I even had to do a presentation in front the class, explaining what I saw and how it felt to take my walk. This mean that I had to be very attentive as I took my walk because if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be able to describe it well.

The project really helped me improve the way see and perceive the world. I also got to know my surroundings better. When I was first going to do my walk, it was pouring. This discouraged me a little. Then when I finally did my walk,it was freezing cold outside. I really couldn’t catch a break with the weather. Even though I’m complaining a lot, I really did enjoy my walk. I got to walk through a nice quiet park and saw many shades of color. I got to see the different monuments and buildings. I even got a couple ideas of where I would go to shop for my Christmas gifts.

I spent a lot of time doing this project. It took hours figuring out what words I would use to help describe the scenery. Then I had to make sure it made sense and that I wasn’t babbling. I think I need to work on my vocabulary, because knowing a wide variety of descriptive words would’ve really helped with this project. If I could change anything about this project it would probably be how I presented during the presentation. I believe it would’ve helped me a lot if I had pictures to help describe my route. I did my best to explain what my route was about, now its up to you to take it.

Project#4 reflection

During project 4,  I didn’t really expect to do something like this for a project. I just thought we’re just gonna walk around, see things, explain it and that’s it, but actually doing the route and taking the time to  see what is around you and have a sort of connection or feeling or emotion from what you’re looking at and where you are. You want to show everyone or anybody how things are in your perspective. I thought project 4 was a good experience for me to explore somewhere different to find what interest you if the route was quiet or filled with beauty or involves happiness or etc. I like to share things I like to convince people to do something that I think would be appropriate to them  and even though I’m not that convincing a times, I try my best to really get people in the spirit of wanting to see or do something without feeling like “oh it’s raining/it’s not a good weather today”, “oh I don’t want to do this cause I’m lazy”, but getting that feeling of wanting to do something is relaxing, refreshing, and comforting.

In my opinion this project helped me mentally and physically because I can be lazy and just stay in bed or if I’m in school after my classes are done for the day,  I just sit & eat with my friends, but  don’t move around and see what’s around the area. I want to see what’s around the school. I never been around Brooklyn as much (I don’t live him Brooklyn by the way) and it would be really cool to just see what’s out there for me to see. Mentally,  I just overthink a lot and become stressful from tons of work I have to do and personal things but the walk helped my boyfriend ,whom was  with me on the route, and I. It helped clear our minds and and try to enjoy what’s to see, have fun with it. Also tried not to think it was a project, but a challenge. I had smile on my face and he had a smile on his face. It was good to see him happy, is good to feel happy and when I looked at the Brooklyn Bridge I felt like I accomplished  something and I wanted see more. I mostly focusing on the beauty of the bridge and see it in a different view and setting.  it’s just hard to explain but Sometimes I see things In artist  perspective and  it’s just amazing. I explain it more in my Pitch essay! Check it out!

Reflection for my project 4

First of all, I really enjoyed project4. Project4 let me learn a lot of writing skills. Learned how to convince others. If you want to convince someone must have sufficient evidence. There are two ways to collect evidence, the first field trip own, the second is transported there are external information such as finding evidence from the book, such as the newspaper or online. And the use of exotic materials used in the writing, the information requires careful written to the source.project4 is about a beautiful route is better than ordinary land line. First of all, I personally went to explore the beautiful route is better than the ordinary route, the fact that beautiful line gave me a lot of surprises and good mood, beautiful line worth me to spend a few minutes to go. Then I used the exotic information from the Internet for a beautiful place to find more information. For example, its history, people comment on it. I think finding out exotic material than the parental search for information easier. Probably because it was a cold winter, go look for information is a challenge. Haha!In fact, those beautiful places I have traveled many times, but I never want to search for information about them. project4 expand the opportunities for extra-curricular knowledge, in order to make beautiful location more attractive, I’m looking for a lot of information about it. Some data also surprised me. For example, Adams street railway, which had existed 100 years ago, and has been preserved.Through this project4, let me more and more like Brooklyn. It has a natural beauty, the beauty of color, art did not, or there is more beauty I have not found.In the four months ago, Brooklyn for me is a very strange place. Busy I just want to go home quickly. By exploring this route, let me know more about it, I feel the beauty here. It continues to attract me.

Project 4 Reflection

For this project, I realized that I have a new found interest in the environment around City Tech. I would have never guessed that there were such a large number of activities that could be done on the way from the school, to the train station.  I feel a sense of accomplishment now that I have discovered my own route that emphasizes happiness . Like the previous project, I was able to become familiar with the area. The difference in this case, is that it goes more into depth by pointing out all of the pleasant routes that I would prefer.

It took about 30 minutes for me to find a suitable route that I could use for this work that would be interesting for others to take. The first direction I went in,was toward the Metro Tech Center because I already had an idea of what I wanted the walk to consist of. I had to stop multiple times to think about what my next move should be. This wasn’t easy, considering the fact that it was 25 degrees that day with high wind chills. I knew I had to mention that people should aim to take the walk when the weather is more on the mild side. I believed that I excelled at describing the aspects of my walk in the pitch. These descriptionsgave it such a happy vibe. I felt that this was important because my interns should have a vivid image in their mind of what I am trying to convey, so that they themselves will want to talk the route.  On the day that I took the walk, my cellphone camera seemed to be having a problem capturing the images that I needed to apply to the pitch. As a result I was forced to take photos another day, with which it happened to be raining. However, if my route is chosen for this app, participants can choose when the right time is to make a move for the walk will be.