project #4

As you walk around the neighborhood you song just want to walk and just look at the ground and listen to music or just walk looking straight forward and see what is ahead of but you want to take time and explore a little more of your surrounding. You might want to focus on trees the figure of a true and how it’s different the size or how it was formed. We do t usually walk anywhere for any reason most of us probably walk a route where its more peacefully and very quite and there’s rarely people around. Some might walk a route where it’s less crowded and the most shortest walk especially cold weather like now. Others might like a route differently with a lot more crowded areas and more traffic it may be because they don’t want to get home so quick. But it’s different for everyone. But on my route I want to focus more on the architecture of a building and the colors.  It took me about 15-20 minutes for this walk because I was Wallington because I was waiting for my nextclassto start and I didn’t mind d the weather I like the cold.

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