Project #4: The Pitch

There’s so much to discover out there everyday. You walk the same old route back and fourth everyday, why not take a detour for once and possibly find a new place of your interest? Let’s say you’ve got nothing to do after school and you’re in no rush at all to go home. Get to know the area you travel to more well. Take my  route that takes you through a lot of different stores from food to clothes shopping and even seeing some beautiful areas along the way. This route is from City Tech to the A, C, and G subway station at Hoyt and Schermerhorn street. You never know when you’re going to have to get off of the train at a different stop,. Discover new places and try to get out of that well known crowded area of Jay Street MetroTech.

Once you exit City Tech, take a right and walk down Jay Street. You’ll be walking through that crowded area of Jay Street MetroTech. Crossing the street as you see the Marriott building you’ll notice a plaza area. This area isn’t usually too crowded, so you can take a nice stroll through it. It’s very beautiful around this time of year because it’s decorated for Christmas. You can find several food places here if you want to grab something to eat before you go home. There’s places such as StarBucks, Chipotle, Five Guys and even more. If you walk into the plaza you’ll see all of those and across from Five Guys there’s a huge Christmas Tree that looks amazing! It’s not as big, or well decorated as the one in Rockefeller Center but it definitely did remind me of that as the huge tree is in the middle of this area.  Right behind the tree you’ll notice a work of art that actually changes every few months. In that area you may notice how at this time of year all of the trees around the donated piece of art have no leaves at all and it’s very interesting to see. You can sit down at the benches in this area if you want to relax or if you’ve gotten yourself a snack or you can sit outside at one of the tables from the store you went to. This is just another extra detour if you would like to appreciate some art work and beauty around your area and even find a place to eat. After this you can continue your journey, walking back to the subway station and walking down Jay Street once again.

As you’re walking down Jay Street you’ll pass by many food places. A lot you’ll recognize such as Subway or Dunkin Donuts. So there is even more food options! If you’re feeling like trying something new  or going to a place that’s not so well known, there’s tons of cafes and restaurants along the route! One happens to be on Smith Street which you’ll walk straight into as you’re walking down Jay Street, it’s called Apollo Diner. Once you’re through Jay Street and have walked into Smith street the crowds are gone and it’s much nicer in an emptier area.

Walking down Smith Street you’ll walk past a car parking service that you can’t miss because of the huge sign and the appearance of cars stacked up. You’ll come upon Schermerhorn Street on your left and walk down there, and as you do the main thing you’ll most likely focus on is a tall glass building! It’s not like anything in Manhattan but it sure will catch your eye. The architecture of the different buildings on this route is definitely an interesting aspect. Now if you all of a suden realize that you’ve got to rush home for something, no worries because there’s several different entrances to the same Subway station, though this will take you to the last one on Hoyt so you can see all of the stores! There are many Cafe’s and restaurants that you’ll notice along here. The buildings on Schermerhorn seem to be mostly stone but you’ll come across two tall glass buildings, one of which was right as we turn. It is really interesting to see the different buildings, and how they even varied in size. The stone buildings along Schermerhorn street look more class in a way and less modern which is not bad, it’s interesting to see older styled buildings especially when you can compare it to more of modern day buildings directly across the street! This walk is much more peaceful because it isn’t crowded at all and you can take your time to actually notice the different buildings and all of the stores. Eventually after 2 blocks down Schermerhorn street you’ll find the subway station for the A, C, and G trains. Right next to it is also a Goodwill so if you’ve got time you can even go shopping there.

This route takes you from beauty and peaceful relaxing areas to areas that you can discover new things, and new places to visit. You can find new food stores, clothing stores, and a lot more! This route really has a little bit of everything at some points, but it mainly takes you into a much less crowded and less noisy area to walk through. You can find your happiness if you take a new route, even with the smallest change.

2 thoughts on “Project #4: The Pitch”

  1. After reading your pitch, I really want to see the things you’ve seen during your walk. I’ve been to the metro tech area that around five guys. I think that you’ve chosen a great place to start your walk. The tree there really does remind you of the Rockefeller tree in manhattan. The various different foods normally do attract people, so it was a good idea to include them in your post. Also the art there really is beautiful and since it changes from time to time, it refreshes the scenery. Since its the holidays, theirs a lot more to show, so it was a good idea to take the walk around this time of year. Theres a lot of holiday stores and many sales going on, so it’ll attract people more. Also I like how you included that there were benches to sit on, because people tend to get tired when they are shopping a lot, so they need places to sit. I liked the cars stacked up, they really catch the eyes. The cars are really high up, so it looks like their flying. You talk about the big glass building, which is a good landmark for people to follow when taking your route. I like your comparison of the old and new buildings. Its good to see a change of scenery from time to time. I also like how your included a quite place along with a noisy place. This gives a lot options for people with different preferences. Since your walk ends near the A train, I could get home very fast.

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