Fantastic opportunity: graphic texts

I hope you haven’t all forgotten about last semester and the fabulous work you did. Every year, City Tech’s English Department sponsors the Literary Arts Festival, and with it, a writing competition. One category added in the last couple of years, Graphic Text, hasn’t received the attention it should. That means there’s a great chance for all of you to submit your work and compete to win! What would winning mean? Recognition at the Literary Arts Festival on March 26th at 5:30pm. Your name in the program. A. Cash. Prize.

Check out the poster, read the description for the Graphic Text Award, and note that today is the last day to submit your work. Maybe you have something you’ve been working on, or have transformed your Humument from last semester  into a multi-frame text and want to submit that. I encourage you to send in your work, and soon!

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